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The Discourse Power Of The State-owned Enterprise: The Logic Change From Politics To The Marke

Posted on:2008-09-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215956681Subject:Political Theory
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Since our country's market-based reform come into force, The labour relationship and economic relationship of the state-owned enterprise has been changed greatly. The change of enterprise's authority impact enterprise's political order. That made lots of new problems and situations in democratic management of enterprises . The discourse power—As the core of enterprise's democratic , also changed the logic from politics to the market. Because of the postal leader's authoritative idea is not changed in time, and the weakness of both enterprises and worker's democratic consciousness which is deeply influence by traditional economic system and the ideology, also superadd questions such as information asymmetry, discourse space dwindle, indeterminate of the discourse carrier etc, make the worker's discourse power stay in " having forms, no actual effect " state.With the market-based economic promotion, the worker's discourse willing strengthen day by day. It turns to the various forms when regular system, channel are unable to ensure expression, But the absolutely institutionalized system of discourse power can not properly ensure worker's discourse power; Worker's discourse power is not fully depends on property right and marketization, it's size mostly depends on the leader's demisability. worker use discourse power with high costs and uncertain income, the high cost of the discourse power and the uncertain benefit impels workers to choose " silent " . but behind obey is " uncertainty ", this Form recessive proportionally antagonize in enterprisesAs the main body of the state-owned enterprise -Worker colony, composition of discourse power, discourse power channel and discourse power result linked closely to harmonious of state-owned enterprise, even whole society. Improve worker discourse power system; establish one kind of cooperation and Game Theory relation, result will be pareto improvement.
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