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Legal Thinking Of Some Problems In The Course Of The State-owned Enterprise Transformation To Modern Corporation

Posted on:2004-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In modern China, The state Enterprise's Reform is a practically significant task . The State Enterprise occupies a dominant position in our country's national economy. Company system is a generally accepted target for The State Enterprise's Reform by theoretical circles. However, most State Enterprises haven't changed their management and improved their economic benefit. Therefore, we must analyse the reasons so as to put forward some legislation suggestions.There are two important issues involved when The State Enterprises are transformed into company. First, property system; second, Corporate Governance. Property system is material base and premise of company's survive. Corporate Governance is important guarantee for company's effectively operating. This article analyses State Enterprise's Property system and Corporate Governance form the macroscopic and microcosmic angle .In the macroscopic angle, because The State Enterprise's Reform is a system engineering, the thinking of "see the part, neglect the whole" will lead The State Enterprise's Reform to a branch road. Therefore, this article attempts to reflect the full view. This article involves Property system and Corporate Governance, also involves company's outside circumstances. In the microcosmic angle, this article emphatically analyses some difficult problems. This article involves two problems of Property system. First, setting up effectively state-owned property's managing system. Second, Talking about some questions of "decrease stocks owned by state". This article involves two problems of Corporate Governance. First, perfecting the director's duty and responsibility. Second, perfecting the mechanism of protecting middle and small shareholder's interest. For the sake of standing out the focal points, we only analyse the aspect of these problems which interrelating The State Enterprise's Reform. Through the analysing of these problems, we hope to make some useful researching for The State Enterprise's Reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:The State Enterprise's Reform, Property system, Corporate Governance, decreasing stocks owned by state
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