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Studies On The Role Of Government And Market In The Area Of Social Security In Our Country

Posted on:2003-10-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z G ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062486286Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Social security is the product of economic developments and advancements. It is also a great symbol of a country's modemalization and civilization. It plays a very important role as a social "stabilizer" , an economic "damper" and an "adjuster" of social equality.The establishment and development of our social security system have undergone roughly two stages. The first stage starts from the early years of the foundation to 1978 when the third meeting of our Party's 11th Congress was held. The second stage starts from 1978 till now. As time passes, especially with the establishment of the socialist economic market system, our social security system is confronted with a completely new situation, which is to deepen our reforms, to increase the economic structures and to sharpen our market competitions. However, it is exposed to lots of problems: such as a limited coverage, a low level of arrangements, an over-take and overload of the country and the unity, lack of self-safeguard awareness, poor administration and control of the funds. Therefore, it is very urgent to better our safeguard system, which is related to our reforms, developments, stability and the long-term ruling of the government.In the process of promoting the reform and development of our security system, we should keep the folio whig principles hi our minds: to match the levels of security with the levels of the productivity during the socialist primitive period; to combine equality whith efficiency; to unify rights and obligations; to keep administrations from affairs. Basically, we are to fasten the construction of our security system, to promote the social management of it, to smooth the relationship between government and market-place so that we can build a fresh and new social security system which is independent from enterprises and administrations, with various sources of funds, standardization of security system and socialization of administrative services.As a powerful social management administration and a major responsible factor hi the area of social security, the government should try to overcome the deficiency ofmarketing income system in order to realize equality, to reduce the cost in order to promote efficiency, to balance the burdens of enterprises in order to provide chances, to control economy in order to stimulate development. The exact functions of the government in the area of social security should be: to provide complete lawful framework for social security, to plan the global social security system, to support financially the social security system and to cut clearly the property rights of social security.Under the marketing economy context, the market mechanism has its place in the social security area. It is introduced into this area by the characteristics of marketing economy and at the same time, it is adopted to adjust the deficiency and inefficiency of government in security system. The working of market in the area of social security is to show the individual duties in security system, to promote the socialization of it, to advance the process of it and to provide ways for keeping the values of security funds.Government and market are two fundamental and inseparable management factors, with different functions in security area. They are inter-related, with different functions and some kinds of co-operation. So, theoretically and practically, we should avoid both the tendency of all-powerful market and all-powerful government. On one hand, we should try to distinguish the different functions of government and market. On the other hand, we should try to look for a balance between the two.
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