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Government Functional Orientation In The Social Security

Posted on:2005-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125456517Subject:Labor and Social Security
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Confirming the sphere of government action in the social security, defining the government functional orientation, is one of the most important contents of designing and choosing the social security system and managing mode. There were the well-rounded study results about what is the function that government should bear in the social security, and it's not the study purpose of this text. The emphasis of this study is discussing why the government of specific nation and specific period must bear these functions in the social security. Through analyzing the institutional factors that decide the government function in the social security, we try to provide an overall theory to explain the enormous difference in the social security functions between the various governments.The comparative analysis to the management mode and government function of the social security in various countries is the foundation of this study. This text investigates the development history of the social security from vertical and horizontal angles, find that there's the same law behind the enormous difference in the government's social security functions of various countries, the system background acts on the crucial restriction to the government function in the social security. Social security system environment, social security system evolvement and organizations compose the social security system background, and influence the government functional orientation in the social security system. Through the comparison and investigation to the social security system background and government function of various countries, this text explains the impact on government function of various system background factors and function mechanism, thus forms the general theory of government functional orientation of the social security system.Our country is in the reform period of the social security system at present, the government functional orientation and action sphere confirming in the social security is very important to constitute the new social security system and improve the operational efficiency of the social security system. Through the analysis about the system environmental factors which influenced the social security system of our country, combined with the theory of government functional orientation in the social security above, this text bring forward several policy recommendations to how to confirm the government functional orientation in the social security of our country, according to the concrete national conditions and system background.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social security, government function, system analysis, system environment
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