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Research On Irrigation Water Management And Compensation For Water Usufruct Transfer

Posted on:2003-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China is a drought country with serious water scarcity. Although the total water resources quantity is 2.8 trillion cubic meters, ranking sixth in the world, the water quantity per capital is only 2300 cubic meters, which is 1/4 of the average level in the world, and is one of the 13 countries with water shortage. The water shortage has been the most important factor to limit the development of industry, agriculture and city. The agricultural water shortage in China is especially serious. More and more agricultural water resources are transferred to non-agricultural usage. Since the new China was founded, the percentage of agricultural water resources in the total water resources was decreased. With the development of China's economy and with the increasing of industrialization, civilization and population, the social water demanding will also be increased. Therefore, in the 21st century, the agriculture in China will face up to serious water shortage; and the limitation of water shortage to agriculture and agricultural economic development will be more than that of the farmlands, and will be one of the most important factors to decide the sustainable and stable development of agriculture and rural economy.The traditional method to resolve water shortage is to use engineering or technological means, which cannot satisfy the rapid increasing of water-using demand. More and more researches have shown that, property system can distribute the scarce resources with high efficiency; water rights and water market has been taken into practices in many countries. But as for the problems that agricultural water resources are taken up by industrial and civil water using, and how to compensate for the transfer of agricultural water usufruct etc., there are still no perfect resolving means. This thesis combines water rights theory with agricultural water-using management mode and builds up the compensation system of agricultural water usufruct transfer, which has important meaning for releasing the pressure of water resources shortage, maintaining food security, improving agricultural irrigation water-using efficiency and the sustainable usage of water resources.SIDD is an irrigation water management mode, which fits for China's situation. In China, water resources rights are not clear and the farmers are scattered. WSO (Water Supply Organization) in SIDD mode holds the management rights of water resources, and WUA (Water User Association) organizes the scattered farmers together. Then the water supplying and using management system is built up, and water users can manage irrigation works independently. SIDD also defmitudes the water ownership and usufruct clearly, andbuilds up the water rights transfer system, which improves the water saving enthusiasm of farmers and water-using efficiency.After implementing the scientific agricultural water-using management mode, the saved agricultural water can be transferred to industrial or civil water-using departments. This thesis puts forward inducting water rights theory into SIDD mode, and builds up compensation mechanism of agricultural water usufruct. On the base of SIDD mode, definitude the responsibility of government, WSO and WUA, and coordinate their relationship, so as to compensate for irrigation water usufruct. Government is in charge of water usufruct distribution, water resources planning, protecting and researching etc., and permits water usufruct transfer; WSO has no water usufruct, but it has pipe networks and the managing rights of water resources, which can provide the site for water rights transfer and water marketing; WUA organizes scattered farmers together. Irrigation water can be transported to WUA and then be distributed among farmers. By this means, the water supply and demanding connecting problem, the hardest part of irrigation water usufruct transfer, is resolved, and the water rights transfer can be taken into practices.The irrigation water using management case in Heizhai village, Changping district, Beijing shows that, the "one-wate...
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