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On The Present Situation Of China's Supervision On Administration And Measures Of Improving It

Posted on:2003-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092466581Subject:Administrative Management
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With the globalization of economy and China's entering into WTO, China's government has been urged to increase the impact and momentum of administrative reform, so that it can catch up with the development of the world. It means that the government should play a leading role in the socialist market economy system and transform the governmental functions again in order to increase the performances of administration. The reform of administration is a systems engineering and it includes many aspects. Including it, establishing and improving the mechanism of supervision on administration is the guarantee of implementing other measures of administrative reforms. Considering this situation, this paper makes a comprehensive analysis on how to improve supervision on administration in China.The paper consists of three main parts. The first part expounds relative theories of supervision on administration. In this part, it defines supervision on administration again and points out that supervision on administration has characteristics as confining of power, compelling deterrence, authority of subjects and variety in performing forms. Then this part introduces the western theories of supervision on administration. There are three basic ideas of western theories, which are theory of power mastered by people, theory of division of power to check and balance, theory of by law. Finally, this part gives a brief account of Marx, Engels and Lenin's theories of supervision on administration as well as Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping's. All these theories are the basic starting point and foundation for studying and solving the problems that will be discussed in the following text.The second part analyzed the present situation of China's supervision on administration. In order to make the analysis more specific, this part examines the matter from the historical angle. At first, this part reviews the process of the development and achievements of China's supervision on administration. In this review, it focuses on these aspects, which are the process of forming and revision of the system of supervision on administration from the foundation of China todestruction of the Four-Person Gang, the returning to normal and improving of thsystem after the reform and open, the achievements obtained during the reform anopen. After the review, according to methodology of historical materialism,makes an object analysis of our present supervision on administration and draws 01the main problems existing in the supervisory system. These problems can bsummarized into four aspects. Firstly, the division of duty of supervision 01administration is fuzzy and insufficient in coordination. Secondly, the powers an
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