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The Study Of Sustainable Utilization Of Mineral Resources In The City Of Laiwu

Posted on:2004-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092493604Subject:Physical geography
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Mineral resources are the material bases of mankind's existence and social development. The statistics show that more than 80% industry materials and 90% energy come from mineral resources. Mineral resources satisfy the material demands and producing demands of people at the form or the transformations of energy. Nowadays society faces three major focus problems such as populations, resources and environments. With the economic high growth, these three problems are more outstanding. Among various kinds of resources, the mineral resources occupy the important status. For mineral resources are rare, exhausting and non-renewable, the degree of assurance is outstanding. Environmental problems are related closely to the exploitation of mineral resources. So the own characteristics of mineral resources determine that they influence the delayed effects of economic development. On one hand, the exploitation of the mineral products can promote the society, economic progress and development; on the other hand, the excessive exploitation can lead to" mineral resources deficit" again and influence the sustainable development. Keeping the rational, appropriate exploitation of mineral resources can make the social and economic continuous, fast and healthy. So it is important to study the sustainable utilization of mineral resources. The main research contents of this text include several following respects:1. the present situation analysis of mineral resourcesLaiwu is the city of mining industry. Coal, iron, limestone, dolostone, vein quartz and water resources reach better complementary; Nonmetal ores have abundant reserves and distribute in flakes centralized; cross railway, network of highways, network circuit in the district, offer the advantage to concentrate on exploitation and transportation and processing. The investigation to the data (at mineral resources reserves, output, consumption, sloping rate, etc.) of exploitation of mineral resources and ecological environments quality offer the basic data materials in order to discern and study the sustainable utilization degree2. the sustainable utilization evaluation of regional mineral resourcesThis text regards Laiwu (in the middle of the Shandong Province, the east hillfoot of Mount Tai) as a district of studying, so do Maplnfo as workbench. By the present situation analysis of mineral resources, 19 indexes are chosen to form the evaluation system of the mineral resources sustainable development, they are fund tax rate, worker per capita incomes, rehabilitation rate, sloping rate, the ratios between reserves and extraction, tailing utilization ratios, atmosphere quality, water quality, economic-societies coordinate coefficient, etc. According to the experts, the quantitative indexes are quantified. The data are dealt by the way of fuzzy mathematics in order to make them comparable. 27 mining areas of the city are carried on the sustainable appraisal according to the sustainable development coefficient model, four grades type district are divided, during which the first grade type district (sustainable development), accounts for 3.7% of the total amount; the second grade of type district (elementary sustainable developments) accounts for the 7.4% of the total amount; thethird grade type district (the transition from the tradition development to the sustainable development) accounts for the 29.7% of the total amount; the fourth grade type district( tradition development), accounts for 59.2% of the total amount. The sustainable development evaluation suggests that over half of the mining areas are still in the tradition sustainable developing stage. So the main tasks of municipal government are to strengthen mining area environmental protection and increase the input of the exploitation of mineral resources; Depending on the scientific and technological progress, the mining areas will strengthen the ability to prevent and cure the environmental pollution, and enhance mine two a time of the uses of resources in order to make economic development, so...
Keywords/Search Tags:Mineral resources, Sustainable utilization, System dynamics, System analysis, Laiwu city
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