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The Research On Science And Technology Of Fujian Province

Posted on:2004-12-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z S ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092975050Subject:Technical Economics and Management Studies
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Science and technology competitiveness is the science and technology gross, strength, science and technology level and potential of nation or area. In the new economic times, competitiveness has become focus of competition, science and technology competitiveness has also become key of the competitive strength. In this competition circumstance, science and technology is the important symbol of science and technology developing of area, so the evaluation of science and technology becomes the problem which need settling instantly.First, the basic theory of the competitiveness is analyzed, evaluating indexes which conclude relative and absolute indexes basic on the last literatures are set up. Second, because the data are too many and computing time is too long, the competitiveness of science and technology of 30 areas are clustered using fuzzy clustering model, the areas of the whole nation are clustered several kinds and we can draw some conclusions of same kind. Evaluating the competitiveness using single model can produce white noise, so combinational models which concluding Neural Network, Fuzzy Theory and Genetic Algorithm are brought forward to evaluate the competitiveness of areas which are in the same kind with Fujian Province in the test. We evaluate the science and technology competitiveness from landscape orientation and vertical orientation and educe the place of Fujian Province in whole nation. Last, adjusted policy and extrapolated competitiveness indexes data are tested to analyze the potential of Fujian Province to forecast when the science and technology competitiveness of Fujian Province can catch up with other Provinces which have high level of competitiveness. From above analysis, we can analyze the superiority and inferiority and search the developing direction of science and technology of Fujian Province.
Keywords/Search Tags:science and technology competitiveness, Neural Network, Fuzzy Theory, Genetic Algorithm
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