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The Decision Research Of Venture Capital Of New And High Technology Industrialization

Posted on:2004-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092975118Subject:Enterprise Management
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In the 21st century, technological progress and new high-tech industry become main motive force of economic development, Economic development depends on the support of the technological platform where the development in science and technology offers. Industrialization of the scientific and technical result,Technological progress,high development of scientific and technological industry depend on new strong demand and economy and financial support that can be offered by economy . Venture capital is a kind of new-type fund operation mode of incorporating finance,innovation,science and technology,management and market into an organic whole. It plays an more and more important role in solving the problem of knowledge's divorcing from economy,facilitating the integration of the new and high technology and productivity,Promoting the transformation of scientific and technical result,promoting technology and system innovation,fostering enterprises and grow up, Optimizing the economic structure and. In order to realize the strategy of prospering the nation with science and education,promote new product development and technological achievement of China to be transformed,Improve the competitiveness of the Chinese industrial products,improve China's industrial structure, China must develop the industry .Venture capital is one system engineering,it origin not only from venture capital firm's meticulous work but the perfection and development of the whole economic system. Target of venture capital often is new enterprises without good,There is uncertainty in all respects,such as technology,market, management,etc,the miss ratio is very high, venture capital investment qualified" risky" investment. There is no way to appraise project with traditional financial affairs method,we can select project effectively and get a capital project of profit-making potentiality most whit the evaluation index and appraise method according with venture capital.Chinese began to probe developing new high-tech by venture capital since 1985,For various reasons,venture capital of new high-tech industry is at the starting stage. In concrete operation,we are weak from theoretical to experience in the venture capital project origin,the procedure in choosing f project,the appraisal of the project,etc. So it's the key to set up one science appraise system of venture capital project for venture capital firm's operation,it is also the problem waiting to be solved of Chinese venture capital.The thesis proceeds from angle of the venture capital firm mainly,combine macroscopic and microcosmic influence factor,Utilize the fuzzy level analytical method,set up the system for appraisal and decision of venture capital project,And carry on the essential analysis of cases, stilling make a corresponding analysis to this system's problem and application prospect finally .
Keywords/Search Tags:Venture capital, Risk assessing, Reject decision, Fuzzy level analysis
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