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Studies On Decision-making Of Venture Capital In Agricultural High New Technology Item

Posted on:2002-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W L SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032956022Subject:Agricultural economics and management
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In the background of intellectual economy, as a great agricultural country, our agricultural development can be short of the support of science and technology (S&T). Perched of the most advanced and foreland of S&T, High New Technology take importance role for agricultural development. How to apply High New Technology to traditional agriculture, namely realize the industrialization of Agricultural High New Technology (AHNT) is the key problem in the course of our agricultural development. The experience of developed country in world show that it is efficiency way for solving it to develop venture capital in Agricultural High New Technology Industry. The industrialization of AI-INT have such characteristic as large devotion of capital and high risk, so traditional investment mode can not be fit for it and it can be substituted by venture capital. At present our venture capital in Agricultural High New Technology Industry lie in the fist stage, it is the biggest problem that success ratio of the venture capital in Agricultural High New Technology Item (AHNTI) is too low. Only to improve the success ratio of the venture capital in Al-INTl that more venture capital can be attracted to Agricultural High New Technology industry. The result of actual investigation indicate that the main reason of producing this problem is that decision-making of venture capital in AHNTI is not science and accurate. So starting from the characteristic of AHNT Industry, the author studies decision-making in AHNTI by the methodology that qualitative analysis integrates with quantitative analysis in order to constitute a set of feasible synthesize evaluating system of Al-INTl as the thereunder of decision-making of venture capital in AHNTI. Firstly, part I point out the study theoretic base, introduce detailed the theory related with decision-making of venture capital in AHNTI and define the relative conception. Thereunto, the theory of decision-making is basing to analysis the action of decision-making of venture capital in AHNTI. The base to evaluation synthetically AHNTI is the economy theory such as demand & supply theory, money capital time value law, risk reward theory etc. Fuzzy Mathematics and Analytic Hierarchy Process is the theory base to set up the decision-making model of venture capital in AHNTI. In succession, the paper studies decision-making of venture capital for AHNTI by qualitative analysis as the base of the target system and decision- making model of venture capital for AHNTI. By the characteristic of AHNIT, starting form the anticipated utility theory, to take anticipated utility as criterion evaluating AHNTI. By making survey and gathering data, considering plenty the AHNTI characteristic and venture decision-making request, the paper found the major factors that impact AHNTI including situation of item product and technology, market competitive capacity, enterprise management level and project anticipated revenue, and analysis detailed the four factors. From five aspects such as products?trait uniquely, technology advanced trait, technology reliability, technology applicability and technology patent and TRW, the paper analysis the situation of item products and technology. The paper analysis the market and competition by reviewing the four aspects such as market size, market potential, market competitive advantage and marketing strategy. The paper analysis the enterprise management capacity including venture scheme and programming, management level, orga...
Keywords/Search Tags:Agricultural High New Technology Item, Venture capital Analytic Hierarchy Process, Fuzzy Decision-making, Decision-making Model
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