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The Research Of Effectiveness Of Venture Investment Supervision

Posted on:2003-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L S HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092980968Subject:Business management
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Our country increases one of the fastest industry departments in recent years new high-tech industry, the fast development of the new high-tech industry offers the wide space for venture investment. But the venture investment of our country start relatively late, it has much obstacles in the course of developing venture investment supervise question one of them. The successful experiences of developed country tell us whether venture investment steadily, fast development leave strict venture investment supervise mechanism. At of our country venture investment industries practice that develop set out this text, use foreign theory and successful experience who venture investment supervises for reference, Supervise and deposit at defect and development countermeasure make and study to of our country venture investments.The full text divides into four chapters altogether. Chapter one It makes and review to theory who venture investment supervise concept, the characteristic and peculiar venture to recommend venture investment, Have introduced the theory and principle supervised in venture investment emphatically; Chapter two It introduces different systems who venture investment supervise system made and describes to our country current venture investment; Chapter three It study every ones venture investment the foundations of supervisory systems effective, it is macroscopic, in three of microcosmic the angle concrete to make and explain views; Chapter four At the above the foundations of research set out, analyses of our country venture investments supervise and deposit and at defect, propose and raise of our country venture investments supervise the countermeasures of efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:venture investment, risk analysis, supervise system, supervise, mechanism, supervisory efficiency
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