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Research And Development Inventory Management System In Agile Supply Chain

Posted on:2004-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095455133Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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Based on the analysis of the research status of inventory management in SCM(Supply Chain Management) and some key technologies which support virtual inventory management, this thesis mainly researches how to establish the material manipulative parameters in inventory management and so on, combined with 863 national project-Agile Supply Chain Management on E -Commerce. Based on the research results, the thesis provides the design and implementation procession of the project. In conclusion, the thesis aims to provide theoretical and methodological guidance for the development of inventory management in SCM.On the basis of introducing some principle conception and some advanced theory in inventory management, chapter 1 summarizes the research status of inventory management in SCM, and then points out the problems that exist in inventory management system. According to these, the objective of the thesis is pointed out, and the research frame is presented.The key work in chapter 2 is to provide a scientific strategy which is used to make some manipulative parameter in inventory management. After analyzing problems in traditional inventory control method used in SCM and the characters and requirement of the system, put forward a project based on multi- target and fuzzy theory to classify material in SCM. A model which is used to establish material manipulative parameters in inventory management is afford, the model.which reflect the system how to control material is based on central control. At last, how to make inventory material controlling parameters in emergent order condition is researched.Chapter 3 is the key of this thesis. Firstly, according to the above research, the system structure is put out. Secondly, based on the structure and system aim, presents the design and implementation of some key function modules in the project. At last, concerned with the system function demand, the database is designed with DFD(Data Flow Diagram) and Entity-Relationship Diagram , at the same time, the design procession and implementation of some vital table is provided.Chapter 4 researches some vital technique in implementation of the system, such as how to integrate the necessary information distributed in all member enterprises which are located in different region, how to manage the all kinds of user's privilege which is authorized to visit core information, how to make a solution to the problem that the symbol of the same entity in different member enterprises is different. As far as these problems concerned, the according solution method used in the project is provided.Chapter 5 provides some running examples. These examples testify that the research results in the thesis are valuable - feasible and practical. Because of the limit of length, it only introduces some key function modules.In chapter 6, all achievements of the thesis are summarized and the future research work is sketched out.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain Management, Inventory Managemnt, Control Strategy, Cooperation Management, Distribute Enviroment, Data Integeration, Procession Model, Cost Analysis
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