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The Research On Increment Of Non-performing Loan In State-owned Commercial Banks

Posted on:2004-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095456837Subject:Business management
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The financial industry and native economy of countries all over the world had been stroked during financial crisis of Southeast Asia in 1997; So many countries pay more attention to the non-performing loan (NPL) of banks now. Because of some reasons, there are a lot of NPL deposited in the four State-owned Banks (SoBs) in our country, which has become the threat to the security of our financial industry.This paper introduces the ways that how to confirm the NPL, the NPL actuality of SoBs in our country, the process and courses why the NPL forms. We adopt the model of Marx Capital Movement to expatiate the process why NPL forms by stages.It's good for us to use for reference of the international experience. The paper introduces the conditions of cleaning out the NPL in the U.S.A that belongs to the developed market economy countries, Poland and Hungary that belong to the transition economics, Korea and Malaysia; summarize the experience and lessons of these countries. The purpose is to advance ideas and methods to our work. In China the main body to deal with the NPL is the Asset Management Corporation, which emphasizes on the disposal of the NPL. However such method cannot keep the NPL from increasing. Aim at this deficiency, the paper pay much attention to the importance of keeping away the increment of NPL, so based on the work of formers, the paper advances a dynamic-comparative model of increasing of NPL and GDP. The model demonstrates the importance of keeping the NPL within limits. We think the NPL can be controlled and spontaneous assimilate gradually only if we can control the increment of the NPL effectively. The reality also proves that it can only solve the surface problem if we only deal with deposition and we should prevent the increment of the NPL to solve the essential problem. This is the main point of the paper. It is a complex work to control the increment of the NPL and inside which the risk management in banks is very important. The paper brings forward some contents about credit risks management of bank, including risk recognition and risk estimation.At last, the paper presents the advices to prevent the rebirth of the NPL aim at this problem. The advices conclude: solve the problems by different ways; strengthen the reformation of finance; deepen the reformation of State-owned Corporations and use all kinds of capital to deal with the NPL.
Keywords/Search Tags:SoBs, NPL, increment, credit risks management
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