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Enterprise's Credit Risks Management System Studying

Posted on:2005-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With constant development of market economy, buyer's market gradual to take shape, trade of enterprise more and more to take the transaction way of credit. Following, the overdue account receivable of enterprises is increasing constantly, a large number of bad debt, bad account engulf the anticipated profits of enterprises. This kind of state makes these enterprises in the condition that sell and retrieve and face a difficult choice with the cash: On one hand, enterprises must take the measure of credit sales (sells on credit ) in order to expand the sales amount and occupation rate of market; On the other hand, the customer's credit risks are difficult to control, the payment for goods can't be regained in time, cause the circulating fund tense . A large number of investigations indicate, the account receivable of enterprises can't get effective control, outwardly result from bad market environment and customer's credit state, but its direct and basic reason lie in defect of management inside the enterprise. Because enterprises of our country are influenced by traditional planned economic system and management mode, the inside mechanism of management is unreasonable, lack the management function of credit. So through establish the system of enterprise's credit risk management , strengthen enterprise credit management is it reduce enterprise transaction cost , impel enterprise cash benign flow to come, certainly will become enterprise market competition of participating in , decide the issue of the battle to favorable weapons thousand li.Establishing the system of enterprise's credit risk management can divide into two great one , including set up a credit administrative department and set up the credit risks management system of three sets of enterprises, namely customer credit management system , customer award letter management system , account receivable to control the system.First of all, we regard the whole enterprise's credit risk management as a system engineering, divide the relevant administrative department into several subsystems, under the operation and cooperating relevantly of every subsystem, make the administrative system of the whole credit risks form an organic whole , reach and improve trade efficiency finally, purpose to reduce enterprise's credit risks. So, enterprises should set up independent credit administrative department, regarding managing in credit as the core, conbine the sale , financial affairs and information management of enterprises organically together, form an intact , scientific inside administrative system. Department this should and sales department and financial department are parallel by vice president leader directly. During the process of setting up credit risks administrative department of enterprises, should define the function of this department and working content first. Then, set up the corresponding functional department according to the function and working content again. Department any involve one issue that achievement appraises, evaluation index adopted to appraise to sell outstanding account issue (DSO) as to enterprise credit risks achievement of administrative department.After setting up enterprise credit administrative department, can effective organization credit of enterprise manage; implement the credit risks management system of three sets of enterprises.Customer's credit management system, according to the network analysis of each concrete link of risk management of enterprise's credit, it is for enterprise first of the credit risk management ones step,the the substantial and perfections of system can great reduction enterprise and the information asymmetry states of customer. Customer credit management system main including customer' s information collection and file , customer of setting-up ,. Collect customer information , should first is it collect which message of it will be customer to need clearly. Analyse in term of keeping a lookout in risk , need to collect the key information about legal person's credit , brand credit , trade c...
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