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The Research Of The Informationization Of China's Commercial Banks' Credit And Credit Management

Posted on:2004-04-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125956823Subject:Business Administration
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The high risks of China's commercial banks' credit assets become the significant problems faced by China's financial field. As the risks of the banking industry become higher, financial crisis is more likely to happen, which will lead to the destabilization of China's economy development. The commercial banks should adopt granting credit business in their business practices to manage their credit and control credit risks. Informationization is the basics to improve the technological level of every steps in the processes of crediting. It is also on the unavoidable route to improve the level of the credit risk management of China's commercial banks. Based on the knowledge on China's crediting and credit management, the research analyses the status quo of china's crediting and credit management and their degree in informationization. The research also compares them with those of the international banking industry and finds out the differences. The research finally goes forward to discuss how China's commercial banks should informationize its crediting and credit management.The article comprises five chapter:The first chapter is the research to commercial banks' credit risk. This chapter summarizing the definition and origin of commercial banks' credit risk,then introduce the theory of credit risk management, at last describe the actuality of China's commercial banks' credit risk management.The second chapter is the actuality of China's commercial banks' credit risk managementAt first introduce the work flow of comm commercial banks' crediting.Then analyse the actuality and the characteristic of China's commercial banks' crediting and credit business from four apspect as follows:the finance's legal system environment, supervise system,the method of credit risk management,the work flow of credit business.At last indicate informationization is necessary under the condition.The third chapter is the research informationization for credit and credit management.At first introduce the actuality of commercial banks'sinformationization. Then give advice for the informationization of China's commercial banks' credit managementThe forth chapter is cases. The cases is the credit and credit management system of CITICIB.At first introduce the system.Then analyse the solution of the imformation system. At last describe the effect after implementing the system.The fifth is tag.At fisrt is the conclusions.Then give advice for the informationization of China's commerical banks' credit and credit management.The conclusions are as follows:l.The building of a united data warehouse and management information system is on the inevitable route to the modernization of the banking industry.2.The problems we met in the informationization of crediting and credit management are thoughts related rather than technical problems.3. The informationization of crediting and credit management should adopt a step-by-step mode of development.
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