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Analysis Of China's Securities Market Structure

Posted on:2003-05-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B A WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095460647Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Securities market is known as "weatherglass" of national economy, it plays an important hub role for effective operation of the whole market mechanism, so it is indispensable for its position in the market system. China's securities market is also a new and developing market, it is now existed the following problems, powerful speculative transaction, inside transaction, false packing, national stock listing circulation and market supervision and management & securities market laws and regulations, so it remains to be perfected, it is an important issues faced for China's securities how to specify and develop China's securities market, especially, after China joins in WTO successfully, the door of China's securities market has been opened, accession foreign-funded securities company can be expected soon, stockjobber's operation in China will be directly threatened, undoubtedly, this is an enormous challenge for China's securities market. On the basis of the above-mentioned consideration, the paper reveals the principal part's relation and market competition and monopoly of securities business market by appraising and analyzing structure and present conditions of China's securities market, and provides policy service for management structure.According to the research scope of market structure, the paper has studied four aspects for the structure of China's securities market, such as: concentration of securities market, difference of securities operation, scale economy of securities company and accession barrier of securities company, and had contrast and analysis for securities market of foreign developed countries, explores monopoly and competition of China's securities market, in the meantime, combined with internal and external actual circumstances, it has a systematic analysis on main factors by affecting market structure, points out that the operational market monopoly and competition arrangement ofChina's securities company belong to low concentration secondary medium monopoly market, its market structure still needs to be constantly adjusted and perfected . On the basis of this, it puts forward to promote the enhancement of China's securities market concentration from many aspects, such as : state policies and excitement factors, so monopoly and competition arrangement of China's securities operation market will be gradually reached "medium monopoly" market, this will benefit to enhance the market achievement of China's securities market.
Keywords/Search Tags:Securities Market Structure, Concentration of Securities Market, Developing Tendency, Market Achievements
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