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Study On Farme40r Household Cultivated Land Use And Cultivated Land Non-agriculture In Huaihua City

Posted on:2004-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360095952216Subject:Physical geography
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Based on the questionnaire investigation (result of farmer household and statistical data of Huaihua City, through 227 farmer household investigations of cultivated land use condition in Huaihua City, with the use of regression model method, this paper gives a comprehensive study and analysis of rural cultivated land use and cultivated land non-agriculture condition and causes.At present, mainly caused by the increase of non-agriculture construction land occupation, the phenomenon of cultivated land non-agriculture is common in Huaihua City and the cultivated land decrease gradually every year. At the same time, there is something to be worried in the use of cultivated land. For example, the further decrease of cultivated land use unit, the increasing use of pesticide and fertilization, the decrease of cultivated land quality, the insufficient input of technology, the decrease attention paid by farmer to cultivated land and the idle of cultivated land. Through the study of comparative benefit, marginal benefit and management scale benefit of cultivated land, this paper points out that the low marginal benefit of cultivated land is one of the most important economic causes which lead to cultivated land non-agriculture To the government, the enormous temptation of cultivated land non-agriculture lead to less attention paid to the process of it; while, to the farmer, the random construction of house and the structure of income lead to the less attention paid to the process of cultivated land non-agriculture. In addition, not only the government but also the farmer wants to be benefited from the process of cultivated land non-agriculture. Meanwhile, the imperfect of our country's present land property rights institution especially the indefinitude of land possession right and land use right lead to the farmer's only attention to the present benefit, which result in more cultivated land problems and worsen of cultivated land* non-agriculture.Based on the objective acknowledge of cultivated land non-agriculture, this paper point out that the cultivated land non-agriculture process on the one hand will lead to the decrease of cultivated land which will endanger our country's agricultural basis and food safety and will influence the ecological environment of cultivated land, on the other hand the industralization and citilization are inevitable and to some extent will influence the cultivated land resources.Based on the above study and analysis, this paper bring forward some advice on the use of cultivated land and the process of cultivated land non-agriculture At first, more attention should be paid to the fanner's use of cultivated land in the process of cultivated land non-agriculture so as to ensure the farmer's use of cultivated land. Second, politic and economic measures should be taken to improve the use of town land and active measures should be taken to speed up the re-division of cultivated land and the reform of land property rights institution so as to re-stress the agricultural land use right, to speed up the exchange of cultivated land, to realize the full use and scale management of cultivatedland. Finally, the cultivated land non-agriculture must be undertaken with the process of farmer non-agriculture so as to ensure the development and re-arrangement of cultivated land to solve the problems of the process of cultivated land non-agriculture.
Keywords/Search Tags:Huaihua City, cultivated land use, cultivated land non-agriculture, benefit, land property rights institution.
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