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Beibei District, Sloping Land Resources And Its Development Pathway

Posted on:2002-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360032454898Subject:Soil science
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The investigation and evaluation of sloping cultivated land is one of the two?main assignments in investigating and evaluating land resource under China Western Development. The development and use of cultivated land, especially, sloping cultivated land, is one of the problems, including population, resources, environment and agriculture, expected to be solved. To use it stand or fall is connected with not only the quality of environment, but also people living. Through the investigation and research of the present situation, exploitable sorts, existing problems and population, natural resources and economical status concerned with sloping cultivated land in Beibei, and evaluation of their suitability, this paper aims at seeking the ways of using it continuably to take advantage of and protect it and to provide basis for the policy of urn the sloping cultivated land back to economic forest or grass land?The research relies on the land resource investigation and evaluation in accordance with the requests of the investigation of land resource under China Western Development. The sloping cultivated land in this paper has its own particular meaning, which contains sloping fields and terraces, especially, with a slope of 1 50..,250 and >250, excluding other slope grades. Sloping fields, with no engineering installations or with crude and simple in.tltstions and with a slope of>150; terraces, with engineering installations and its flat planting surface and with a slope of >150.According to the investigation in 2000, Beibei has 148309.1 acres sloping cultivated land, 33.7 percent of total area of cultivated land, 13.1 percent of total area of land. A per capita tillable sloping field is 0.23 acre. The area of sloping cultivated land with a slope of 150 25~ is 106336.8 acres, 71.7 percent of tillable sloping fields, including 89297.8 acres sloping field and 17039.0 acres terrace. The area of sloping field with a slope of> 250 is 41972.3 acres, 28.3 percent of sloping cultivated land, including 4001.3 acres sloping field and 1959.0 acres terrace. The tillable terrace with a slope of 150 ~~25o mainly centralize in Longfeng, Caijia, the northwest of Jinjun Mountains and Longwang Mountains and Tianfu, etc. The tillable sloping field with a slope of 150 ~~25o mainly centralize in the two sides of the piedmont of anticline low mountains and syncline valley. The untillable sloping field mainly lies in the piedmont of low mountains in Tongjiaxi near one side of Zhongliang Mountains. In Beibei, the area of terraces with a slope of >25 ~ is totally 1959 acres. The area of untillable sloping field with a slope of >25 040013.3 acres, which mainly lies in limestone hillside of the two side of GuanyinGorge anticline (Tianfu trough valley), Dongyang Town near one side of ZhongliangMountains, Pianyan, Shiba near one side of Longwang Mountians, Chengjiang nearone side of Libi Gorge.According to the principle of keeping the water system and the administive division in their integrity, on the basis of the characters of the landforni, the cultivated land in Beibei is divided into six regions: Jiangling River Valley(1), Hou River Valley(II), Yun River Valley(IIL), Heishuitan River Valley(IV), Minjiaxi Valley(V) and Longfengxi Valley(VI).In order to inquire further into the approaches to use of the sloping cultivated land in Beibei, the paper evaluates the degrees of the tillable cultivated land and untillable cultivated land and provide basis for making scientific and rational use of sloping cultivated land and 憈urn the sloping cultivated land back to economic forest or grass land? The research, based on The Outline of Land Evaluation by FAQ, the technological rules of investigation of land resQurce and Beibei抯 practical conditions, establishes the evaluation system of sloping cultivated land: suitability order and suitability class, the current status of the use of land adopted as basic evaluation unit. Through choosing the tillability of sloping cultivated land as the leading factor and making qualitati...
Keywords/Search Tags:sloping cultivated land resource, 'turn the sloping cultivated land back to economic forest or grass land',sustainable use, suitability evaluation of sloping cultivated land
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