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The Analysis On Running Mechanism And Performance Of Self-management Irrigation And Drainagation Distract

Posted on:2005-06-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122486946Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The scarcity of water resources in China becomes main obstacle to thedevelopment of Chinese economy In our country,the agriculture need lots ofwater,however,the traditional system of irrigation management under planningeconomy is not compatible with demand of management in reality Therefore,it isnecessary to reform the traditional system of irrigation management in China The system of self-financial irrigation and drainage districts is a new system ofagricultural irrigation management in China It establishes WSO or WSC and WUAand implements the policies of supply and use of water that are compatible withmarket economy,so those who use water resources manage installation of waterconservancy in SIDD by themselves and pay for use of water resource and attachedinstallation ,which makes improvement in management of SIDD and positive circle ofwater resource At first ,the paper describes basic concept and model of SIDD ,and thendiscusses the difference between SIDD and the present management model andprovide carry out the system of SIDD in reality Next, the paper explains operationmechanism of SIDD in reality into details and puts forward a series of indexes inorder to analyse operation and performance of SIDD from qualitative and quantitativeviewpoints For example ,the paper chooses irrigation and drainage district of Guangliin Henan Then on basis of analysis of Guangli in reality and indexes,it points outproblems about SIDD of Guangli in Henan Finally ,it puts forward somecountermeasures in order to solve these problems that confronts us in SIDD andenhance performance of SIDD and make progress in system of management ofSIDD...
Keywords/Search Tags:SIDD, Water Supply Organization, Water User Association
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