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WTO And Administration Reform In China

Posted on:2005-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After 14 years of continuous endeavor without giving up, China eventually reinstates its position as a member in World Trade Organization (WTO). This symbolizes that China as an Economy is developing extremely fast. As a big country with its society in the process of migration, China's joining into the WTO, which is the Trade Organization with wide-ranging nature, is another milestone in the progress of China's reform and open-door policy. It will play an important role in pushing the development of the economy and the progress of the society of our country.World Trade Organization is the only international organization that can deal with the trade rules between countries. Its core is WTO protocol. From the law point of view, the main and direct target to be restricted by WTO protocol is government and government behavior. With the progress of history, Peace and Development has become the main topic of the world today. The duty of economy and the general duty of society has become the main thing of the government of every country to fulfill the duty. Joining WTO is both chance and challenge to our government. How to intensify the government administration reform and actively deal with the challenge and impact after joining WTO is an important task that our government faces. This article tries every way to be close to actuality, analyzing the new circumstances, giving the new method, exploring of how to grasp chance and continuously intensify the reform of government administration and immediately increase the efficiency of administration according to the requirement of WTO rules, and build our government into one that is disinterested, pragmatic, highly efficient and can be adjustable to socialist market economy and be alien to WTO rules.This article looks back the history overall of the government administration reform from our country's reform and open-door policy. It analyzes three challenges that our government faces after joining WTO: challenge that government duty faces, challenge that government administration management faces, challenge that officialdom system faces. It has dig out the difference and conflict between WTO rules ands our government duty, and further gives the correspondingcountermeasure of our country's administrative management under the condition of joining WTO: that is to change administration management notion, further change government duty, change government behavior method, perfect law, build a administration law system that is corresponded with the WTO rules, create a new officialdom system, strengthen judicial investigation.In the process of analyzing countermeasure, this article mainly explores the issue of reforming officialdom system. According to this article, the reform of officialdom system first lies in innovating circumstance, system and supervision system; Meanwhile it needs to emphasize the team building, endeavor to train a team of officialdom with high quality and specialization. Around this goal, we should process the following three innovations:1) Innovation of concept: from "the form of authorization-driven" to "the form of market-driven";2) Innovation of pattern: from "command-driven management" to " efficiency management";3) Innovation of mechanism: Perfect the establishment and utilization of officialdom system to guarantee officialdom quality.On the other hand, by the fact that our officialdom system is just created and is in the process of finalizing, we should combine the Chinese national status to the new public management by the guidance of reform and combine the officialdom actual status to the long-term goal of system building, and combine the system perfecting to the creation. Overall, we must intensify personnel system reform, import competition and inspiration mechanism. Perfect officialdom system, and build a team of officialdom that is disinterested, diligent pragmatic, highly efficient to suit the need of administration management from WTO.
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