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A Study On The Reform Of Governmental Institutions From The Perspective Of Public Organization Reform

Posted on:2013-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330434466175Subject:Public administration
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Reform of government institutions is an important meature to improve government public management level and to meet the needs of social and economic management. Currently, the abroad is experiencing a new round of reform tide, while the domestic institution reform takes the form of periodic development. Since2008institution reform, a new round of reform program is expected to be in the ferment. Function change is the key to institution reform. China has already made sure the reform target and reform framework of Service-Oriented Government and super ministry, and achieved some result. But the overall operation and efficiency of the government structure is far from the desired objectives, and there is obvious lag compared with the economic&social reforms, which is calling for further research and testing on the specific approaches and methods for the instition reform. The theroetic research on public organizations and institutions reform starts early in western countries, and was continuously enriched with the development of social practice. From the traditional administrative management to the new public management, new public service to Whole-of-Governmen, the theory of government organization reform is always developing, which also provides important theoretical reference and experience for reference for Chinese institution reform. With the concept of government "taking the helm" and operational enterprise management means, entrepreneurial government theory has important significance for China’s current government reform.This paper takes2008reform of Shanghai foreign capital administration (Shanghai Commerce Commission) as the research object, maks systems analysis of the historical background and the reform schem of Shanghai foreign capital administration, does reseach on the deep-seated social economy, political reasons of2008Reform Scheme of Shanghai Commerce Commission, compares the actual effect of Shanghai foreign capital management before and after the establishment of the Shanghai Commerce Commission, as well as studies the sucess and shortage of08Shanghai foreign capital administration reform. On the above fundation, by applying and drawing lessons from foreign latest research results on the enterprise government theory, the paper explore and approch the future development of the new round of Shanghai foreign capital administration reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Institution Reform, Entrepreneurial GovernmentTheory, Service-Oriented Government, Super Ministry Reform, Shanghai ForeignCapital Administration Reform
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