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Predicament And Choice: Chinese Administration Reform And Administrative Organization Law System Construction

Posted on:2007-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J E LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360185453516Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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The Chinese administration system reform is one of the focuses both at home and abroad, which also takes up the important place in the course of opening-up and reform and magnificent modernization. By exploring such methods as historic and logic, political and economic, systematic and comparative, this thesis makes full and extensive study upon Chinese administration system reform restructuring actual practice as well as local government system reform since opening-up and reform policy is employed. On this basis elaborates systematically the arguments and points.The thesis argues that, Chinese administration system reform which is gradually carried out, motivated by mainly economic restructuring, combining with political and social factors, follows the law of government administration itself and focuses organizational and systematic change. Administration system reform is not only an increasing or decreasing of government organ and person,saying from the deeper,it is government change working talent, administration management circulate the mechanism head for procedure to turn further, the rule of law turn of a progress, more bodies need perfect administrative organization legal system .Therefore, The administration system of our country reforms of success or not, the key is the administrative organization laws which constructs science and norm system; establish the legal principle of the administrative organization. Say from the certain meaning, this is also administrative premise and the foundation place by law.This thesis makes deep research on administration reform cases: city of shishi and Zhuozi and huarong, which argues that influence our country administration system reform mainly has two kinds of obstacles: Inside obstacle-idea and benefits stipulation; outside obstacle-system and system stipulation. This thesis also makes deep research on our country's administration system's reform to face, include a theories problem and practice a problem. Government scale really settling is the reform successful essential main factor of the administration system, and government the scale really certainly needs a complete administration organization to draw up lawmaking. The fulfillment problem in the administration system reform mainly is simplify-inflation of circulate a strange turn and our country practice medium existent"seven governments"and"a half government", the oneness which has another the existence and reform of class government causes reform to practice hard obtain a materiality result. Administration by law is the requirement to institutional reform by market economy and political civilization. We must strengthen legal construction of administrative organs and gradually forming perfect administrative legal system, with the Constitution as the basis, organic law of the State Council, other state power organs, and local government, as well as regulations of government ministries and local government as complementary.Finally, the thesis fully discussed how the administration organization to perfect lawmaking. The thesis argues that general implement step of our country organization lawmaking, should be on the last time organization reform of foundation, follow certain lawmaking procedure, establishment with the POST CLASSIFICATION METHOD for foundation, the ADMINISTRATION ORGANIZATION DRAW UP A METHOD for the core, with correspond of kit laws for prop up of a series of laws norm, make the administration organization establish, the personnel draw up, settle the personal management and adjustments and member and organization, personnel draw up all build up in science the foundation of the system up, while keeping the premise of reforming the result make nation of the administration personnel system attain orientation economy to develop and support economy develop, promote national race prosperous request.
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