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Research On Construction And Optimization Of Automobile Distribution Logistics Alliance

Posted on:2005-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122499639Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the popularization of the automobile, customers not only respect the quality of the motor vehicles, but also pay more attention to the service of the companies. For instance, customers claim the color and type of their new car, the "zero kilometer vehicle", and so on. These demands of the clients' request the manufacturers provide not only qualified products but also the consummate services at the same time. Recently, our countries' distribution logistics are in the condition of primary stage, the statutes aren't strengthened and the standards of professions aren't sturdy. Compare with the logistics integration level of the developed countries', internal logistics enterprises are still in the condition of disperse governance and mutually exclusion, and which lead the logistics enterprises 's in the situation of excess quantities, scattered distribution, small scales, narrow scope of services, low efficiency and fierce competition. So, how to improve the situation, reduce the cost of the logistics enterprise is not only a issue that manufacturers concerned, but also a question that mobile logistics enterprises are eager to resolve. The automobile distribution logistics have the following flaw:1) The national mobile logistics enterprises are in the situation of small scale, few functions and lacking the capacities of increasing value. According to the statistics, 90% profit of logistics providers comes from the fundamental business (transportion /stock) , only 10% profit comes from the value-added business, logistics information service and the support activities (the passing of mobiles and fittings', spares' composing and dismantling, pasting of tag/package/classify/centralizing and dispersing/ forming complete set of spares/ planning of the distribution mesh, parts of fittings, testing and repairing) . 2) The problem of logistics enterprises' cooperation. Although in recent years many stock and transportation corporations and logistics enterprises appeared, yet many of them haven't fully run into marketization and their operation are often limited in a certain region. Consequently the ratio of free backhaul is still very high and it's difficult to cut the logistics cost. 3) The problem of local protection and administration system. This is the problem that the producers have to consider when they choose the logistics suppliers. The logistics enterprise that many producers choose is under the same group or the local ones, so other logistics enterprises lose the impartial contest chance. 4) The problem of distribution logistics integration. Commonly all automobile producers have their own warehouse, but the 82% of the distribution is via the 3PL, which is against the distribution logistics integration, so the third profit origin is lost. 5) Without united profession criterion, the quality of the logistics enterprise work can not be horizontally judged. Each logistics enterprise have their own standards and meanings, which is found in the research of the evaluation criterion of the automobile transportation quality. As for the evaluation criterion of car stock, each enterprise sticks to his own ways. On the basis of the analysis above, we put forward the concept of setting up the distribution logistics alliance(DLA) under the system of area presiding over and the mode of two-sides meshwork, in the big frame planning we adopt the system of area presiding over as the operation conspectus of the distribution logistics alliance, in the strategic implementation of the enterprises we adopt the two-sides meshwork as the controlling center and connection system between big enterprises. Thus through combining these scattered logistics resources, we can get the scale benefits of intensive management, overcome the problems existing in the car logistics in the present stage and offer the service of logistics integration. We regard the distribution logistics alliance between big car enterprises as the research object, using the systemati...
Keywords/Search Tags:Distribution Logistics Alliance (DLA), Area Logistics Center(ALC), Transportation Resource, Car Logistics, Two-sides Meshwork
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