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Transport And Logistics Network Optimization

Posted on:2002-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Y ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092481562Subject:Transportation planning and management
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Transportation is one very important sub-system in the whole logistics system, the cost of transportation is about 50% of the whole cost in logistics system. The first thing of saving cost is to reduce the transportation cost. The transportation cost should be reduced as possible as one can in designing a logistics system. Logistics transportation should be organized properly according to the characteristics of various ways of transportation. In designing logistics system, at first place the integral transportation network should be taken into account, at second place, we must take advantage of the present transportation network to carry out the logistics transportation operation in a proper way. In the logistics system, the focus on how to design the system are as follows: how to choose the ways of transportation, design logistics center, make out the transportation plan for delivering goods from logistic center, optimize the delivery line.The paper starts from the importance of the logistics transportation system. The paper consists of introduction, five chapters, and conclusion. The introduction gives us a brief picture of the importance of the logistics science research, and the main reason why people are paying more attention to it. By analyzing the logistics transportation system cost and studying its function, the introduction introduces the idea that the study on optimizing the network of logistics transportation is very important.Chapter one centers on logistics and logistics transportation network. Presenting the present situation of the study on logistics network, at home and abroad, and giving on overall analysis on the position and function of logistics system.Chapter two focuses on the design of logistics network. The effect of designing the logistics transportation network has a direct influence on the transportation cost, this chapter makes further study on the method of arranging the logistics center.Chapter three analyzing the technological and economic characteristics of transportation tools, the appraisal of the performance of various ways of transportation, and factors in choosing transportation toss.Chapter four centers on optimizing logistics transportation network and its special restricted conditions, studying on the optimizing model of direct delivery system an indirect delivery system. By illustrating the importance of delivery, and analyzing the economic returns of delivery.Chapter five works out a series of rules in designing the delivery lines, and studying how to make the delivery plan, and how to decide the right vehicle number of the delivery center.The conclusion gives us some directions of further studying logistics science, and looking forward to the development of logistics science and business.Finally I hope the theories of the paper will be useful to the operation of the business logistics, if it is, I will be very pleased. As for the level of the writer, there are deficiency and inaccuracy, I would be very glad to appreciate criticisms and suggestions from professors, learns and other readers.Zhu Muyi (Traffic Transportation and management) Directed by Zhao Gang (Professor)...
Keywords/Search Tags:logistics transportation network, layout of transportation center, System of providing goods, physical distribution, optimums
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