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Study On Strategic Process Of Logistics Management In Distribution Supply Chain Lead To Competitiveness

Posted on:2006-11-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152470332Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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While the emphasis of enterprises competition transferred from production fields to logistics fields in the 1980's, the competition evolved from the inter-enterprises pattern into the inter-supply chain pattern. The strategic process of logistics management, which is called "The Third Fountain of Profit", have been playing as an important role in constructing the competitive advantage of Distribution Supply Chain (DSC).Based on the evolution of logistics, the theoretic origin and the new trend, the first chapter of this article expresses the reason why the author applied himself to the strategic process of logistics management in DSC. This chapter also establishes the research framework of thesis. On the base of explaining the concept of logistics management, the second chapter presents the status quo and the shortage of the actual theoretic research along the internal logic of the development of logistics management, and points out the research direction. In order to demonstrate the mechanism of the strategic process of logistics management in DSC, the third chapter uses the rationale of the hierarchical control and the IDEF model as reference, and then brings forward the concept of the strategic process of logistics management and three sub-processes which are the strategic reconstruction of logistic organization, the strategic planning of logistics network, and the strategy of logistics planning and control. The first three chapters together construct the theoretic framework of this article.Emphasizing the strategic process of logistics management is as a character that supply-chain logistics differs from the traditional enterprise logistics management. Based on the competition-oriented analysis of the internal mechanism of the strategic process of logistics management, the next four chapters combine the demonstration of the research data, discuss the relationship of the above three sub-processes, and also research the object pattern and internal mechanism of them. The fifth chapter is based on the improvement of the operation between enterprise members, and puts four competition-oriented logistics organization pattern which are manufacturer-dominant, retailer-dominant, manufacturer-retailer allies and balanced chain. This chapter also discusses how the suppliers, distributors and retailers divide their function and profit in the above logistic organization pattern. Later, the author presents the decision-making model of the inter-logistics organization pattern, which is between the above three related enterprises and the third-party logistics service providers. The sixth chapter first focuses the allocations, quantities and service assignments of the logistics center and establishes the general logistic network planning model which consists of logistics center allocating sub-model, logistics center quantitative allocating submodel based on the gradient method and the optimization method in graph theory. And then this chapter discusses the core contents of allocating problems of logistics center, internal layout planning and scale. The seventh chapter is based on the characterization and the synchronization of logistic services, firstly studies the strategic sub-process of the competition-oriented logistic planning customization and establishes a decision-making model based on two variables which are performance level of the logistic services and the customization extent of the logistic services. Secondly, this chapter establishes the model which is adapted to the logistic planning of the marketing supply chain, discusses the cooperative control model based on the Multi-Agent and WFMS.The eighth chapter summarizes the total research, and points out the direction for further researches.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distribution Supply Chain, Competitiveness, Logistics Management, Strategic Process, Logistics Organization, Strategic Reconstruction/Reengineering, Logistics network, Logistics Center, Logistic Planning & Control, Customization Logistics
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