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Theoretical Studies Of Modern Logistics In E-commerce Environment

Posted on:2003-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360062480760Subject:Business management
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With development of network economy, as a important part of network economy, electronic commerce is going to play a more and more important role in the stage of New Economy. Nowaday the Electronic Commerce have become a new economy increasing point. The logistics enterprises that correlate close to electronic commerce will receive a thorough revolution. How to make the development of logistics correlate close to the electronic commerce? The writer considers that it should be enter on the development of electronic logistics and supply chain logistics.Basing on the analysis of electronic commerce and logistics, this paper put forward that the logistics development direction under the environment of electronic commerce should be electronic logistics and supply chain logistics. And this paper researches the basic theoretics of electronic logistics and supply chain logistics by the numbers. Finally it discusses how to develop the modern logistics under the condition of the electronic commerce. The whole paper are run through by two threads, the transverse one composed by "logistics-electronic logistics-supply chain logistics" discusses the modern logistics management theories under the condition of electronic commerce, the lengthways one composed by the basic theoretics of "conception, characteristic , running structure, economy form" discusses the basic theoretics of electronic logistics and supply chain logistics.This paper is composed of five chapters. Chapter One is an introduction, which puts forward the question this paper researches, then introduce the logistics development status of our country, and the domestic and overseas general situation of the logistics research.Chapter two introduces the conceptions of electronic comers and logistics. Then analyze logistics running structure, characteristic, servicematter basing on the analysis of electronic commerce and logistics.Chapter three puts forward the development direction of the modernlogistics under the condition of electronic commerce------electroniclogistics. It describes the electronic logistics theory from conception, characteristict movement mode, basic establishment, agora participates, development whys, economy form.Chapter four puts forward the other of the development direction of themodern logistics under the condition of electronic commerce------supplychain logistics. It describes the conception, characteristic, aim. structure, economy form of the supply chain logistics basing on the introduction of the conception of the supply chain.Chapter five describes how to develop the electronic logistics and supply chain logistic from the logistics environment's construction, the development thought of the logistics basing on the comprehension of the difficulties of the development of the domestic logistics enterprises. Finally the paper discusses the countermeasures of our enterprises under the condition of electronic commerce, in order to help our growing enterprises, let them grow healthily up against the grim challenge of the new economy and the overseas large enterprises after China join in WTO.
Keywords/Search Tags:Elogistics, Supply chain logistics, Third-part logistics, International logistics, Logistics alliance
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