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On Jiang Bai-li's Military Thinking

Posted on:2003-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122961090Subject:China's modern history
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Jiang Bai-Ii, one of the military science founders in the Republic of China, is a well-known military thinker, theorist and educator in the modern China. He concentrated his attention on reseaching Chinese and Western military thinking all life. On the basis of inheried the cream of military thinking in ancient China and absorbed the advanced military theories in the Western powerful nations, he formed his own military thinking.This paper consists of three parts.The first part expounds the forming and developing conditions of Jiang Bai-li's military thinking. Under the humiliating and striving era, being an army men with sincerity, patriotism and ambition, he worked hard on military theories of China and Western. Under the effect and help of teachers and friends, he taked over the mission of era and maked himself illumination.The second part expounds the three contents of Jiang Bai-li's military thinking. Firstly, in "On national defence", he put forward a series of views that nobody had raised ever before, which layed a foundation for the development of national defence science in the Republic of China. Secondly, confronted with the aggression of Japan, he perfected the thought of protracted warfare, not only providing necessary reference to the national Anti-Japanese war but also strengthened the confidence of the people of the whole country. Thirdly, he worte many papers and books on military education, in which a series of thinkng on military education were raised, which advanced the development of military education in the Republic of China.The third part generalizes the characteristics of Jiang Bai-li's military thinking, namely, the characteristics of advancement with the current of time, the characteristics of creation of China and Western, the characteristics of nationalism with patriotic enthusiasm.Faced with increasing crisis of foreign aggression, Jiang Bai-Ii catched the theme of the epoch, saving the nation from subjugation and ensuring its survival, he formed his military thinking under the Chinese conditions, contributing to the development of modern military science, the building up of national defence and the victory of the Anti-Japanese war.
Keywords/Search Tags:Jiang Bai-Ii, Military thinking, National defence, Military education, The Anti-Japanese war
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