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Study On Optimization Of Land Use Structure Based On Gray Linear Programming In Gui-Dong County

Posted on:2005-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122995201Subject:Physical geography
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Along with the development of society productivity, the land use pattern structure and layout tend to be complicated. In certain areas, to reach optimum goals of sure ecological, economy and social benefit of land use system, studying the land use structure optimizedly and realizing sustainable use of the land resources become an urgent subject that to be solved in land science, especially in the science of land use. To probe into rational collocation of land use structure at space and time, we must seek help from the systematical optimization method. In the course of planning, the systematical optimization method is quantitative analysis course in which the mathematics model was taken as main means actually. The development of discipline of modem land use and plan trend to applying the model optimization method largely among plan means at present.Grey linear programming is a kind of dynamic linear programming, which carries on when technological coefficients are variable dust and restriction value and are in the process of .development. Realizing optimization of the land use structure by the grey linear programming(GLP) model remedies the deficiency of the general linear programming, whereas, we can know not only the optimum structure under certain condition, but the situation of it's development and change .This paper regards the East and Southern Mountain area--Guidong county as studying area, 2000 as annual base period. At first, the essential feature and existing problem of the land resource in Guidong county were analyzed qualitatively according to the area's current situation of land use structure. Then, the population, cultivated land, grain total amount and per unit area yield to 2010 are predicted in Guidong county according to the county's data over the past years( 1991-2000) by applying the grey predicting model of GM (1.1). Based on this, the grey linear programming model( GLP) was set up, and the land use structure was optimized with 11variables set up according to feature of the land sources, the demand of society and economy development, management custom and development direction in the future of the county, the maneuverability of relevant data was considered comprehensive as well. To embody the principles of high benefit and low cost of land use and the optimal collocation of land resources, the upper limit, lower limit and median of the constraint parameters were adopted separately and calculated by applying the grey liner programming, and three optional schemes were constructed to the ultimate.The optimum scheme of land use structure of Guidong county was obtained, AHP to optimize those schemes was applied also.Here is the optimized result: the area of cultivated land, garden land, forest land, grazing land, city, town village as well as industrial and mining land ,traffic land, waters and unused land should to be adjusted from 18.45:0.58:177.95:1:1.82:4:1.24:0.08:186 in 2000 to 2.13:0.35:21.03:1:0.37 :0.52:0.17:0.01:0.84 in 2010.Only in this way, the land resources can be collocated rationally, the ecological, economy and social benefit of land use can be exerted to the optimization, the poor situation can be changed, the sustainable development of land resources can be realized of Guidong county.
Keywords/Search Tags:structure optimization, land use, grey linear programming, Guidong county
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