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Study On Land Use And Optimization In Hanshan County

Posted on:2006-10-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q C ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360155951059Subject:Physical geography
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Land is the most important physical basis of human being's existence and social development. With the increasing of population, rapid development of urbanization and industrialization, the limitation of land resource and its scarcity of the economic supply is inconsistent with its increasing of social demand. Thus, the contradiction between the expanding population and the reducing land resource become more and more evident. Therefore, how to make use of the limited land resource reasonable is the most important issue for area's sustainable development. In terms of the system theory and sustainable development, land use is considered as a regional nature-human system in this paper, while county scale is the basic administrative unit at present in China. Therefore, it's also the best scale of the sustainable land use, management and programming. Based on above-mentioned analysis, this paper takes Hanshan County, which lies in the middle part of Anhui Province as an example. Based on system theory, the paper primarily analyzes its land use and optimization. The main content: 1. The summarization of land use and optimization. Firstly, the comprehensive review of land use theory is made in brief. Secondly, the present situation and trend of land use and optimization theory is analyzed and remarked on. 2. The related theory and method Land use is a social and economic activity of mankind, which is influenced by the physical, social and economic factors together. Therefore, the theory of land use and optimization is based on the related research fields. In this paper, it is discussed primarily. Based on above-mentioned theory, the whole structure of this paper is designed: the conditions, current situation and dynamic changes of land use system in Hanshan County is analyzed at first. Then, on the basis of that, construct the optimization model of land use structure in 2010,and its land use zoning, and make some scientific suggestion on the sustainable land use. According to the collected data and its characteristics, make use of the related indexes and models combined with qualitative analysis. 3. The analysis of land use conditions In this paper, we analyze the land use conditions of Hanshan County from three aspects of the geographical position, population, natural foundation and social economic environment, and then point out its advantages as well as disadvantages in utilizing. 4. The analysis of current land use situation According to the data of land use in Hanshan County in 2002, the map of land use current situation (1:50000) combined with the statistic data of the social economy, we use the relevant indexes and models to summarize it systematically from three aspects including the characteristics of current situation, land use structure and the causes of formation. It provides the realistic foundation for optimizing land use. 5. The analysis of land use dynamic changes According to the survey of land-use alteration and the relevant social economic statistics of Hanshan County from 1991 to 2002, we use the indexes such as dynamic degree of land use and information entropy to analyze the characteristics of the dynamic changes of land use and its mechanism. Then, we construct the model to measure the driving factors of the dynamic changes of the cultivated land that could provide the theoretical foundation for the land-use-optimizing and the relevant policy-making. 6. the optimization of land-use-design in Hanshan County After systematic analysis, combining with the current situation study of Hanshan County and the trend of its social economic development, we construct the Grey-Linear Programming model to optimize land use structure in 2010,and its land use zoning. According to natural conditions, this paper puts forward some scientific suggestion on the sustainable use of land resources in the end.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land use, Structure optimization, Land use zoning, Sustainable land use, Hanshan County
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