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The Study Of The Promotion Of Our Country's Enterprises' Core Competitiveness

Posted on:2005-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125454774Subject:Political economy
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With our country's further joining into the world economy, the competition environment of the companies have changed. First of all, the world market has provided a bigger international market for Chinese companies. Within the WTO frame, on one side, Chinese companies can face a much more fair international environment, share the resource, information, technology and advanced management with other countries' companies all over the world, and meet the challenge of the world market economy; on the other hand, the defects of the organization itself set many obstacles for the practice of globalization of our companies. Secondly, we are in the transformation period of economy. The market economy tends in mature while still has the transition features at the same time. Thirdly, the principal body of microeconomy competition has been failed to be established because of unsoundness of the development of our companies' mechanism. Responding to the varieties above, we must promote the core competitiveness of our companies.Promotion of core competitiveness is an effective way to respond to both domestic and international competition. This is determined by the theory as well as the practice of the core competitiveness itself. The lack of competency in our companies is basically because the failure to promote their core competitiveness. The core competitiveness is a dynamic advantage in a system and it has to take an extremely long time to be promoted.The thesis is divided into three parts: chapter one deals with the necessity if the promotion of the core competitiveness of a company; chapter two explains the theory of core competitiveness and proves that it is the only way to maintain the superiority and realize the sustainable development; chapter three is the major part, expounding the fact that when facing the WTO in order to promote the core competitiveness, four methods could be used to consummate. They are institution foundation, human capital, technology innovation and brand strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:WTO, core competitiveness, the person belonging to the enterprise, technology innovation, brand strategy
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