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Study Of Corporate Culture And Core Competitiveness From View Of Strategy

Posted on:2003-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092466379Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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At the complexly and changefiilly competitive circumstance, it is difficult for the enterprise to realize the persistent development. If the enterprise wants to establish an efficient group, it must establish an efficient enterprise culture. This is the start of the administrative work. Because the competitive circumstance of enterprise is rapidly changing, the manager must realize the core competitiveness profoundly to survive and develop in the condition of the severely marketing competition. This thesis mostly studied the new characteristics and the new change of the enterprise in guidance of the enterprise strategic management in the economic circumstances. Beginning with the enterprise culture and the core competitiveness, this thesis stands out the biologic character of the enterprise and establishes an idea of dynamically developing strategy.The enterprise culture is a sort of organizational culture, which is closely linked with the subsistence and development of the enterprise. At the same time, the core competitiveness brings more excessive profit than the other competitor does, and it creates the durative competitive advantage. They all serve for the enterprise strategy. Both the enterprise culture and the core competitiveness, they have the character of successive changes, which is a dynamic character similar to the life activity. That is to say, the enterprise is living beings.The evolution rules of the enterprise living beings and the nature living beings include the activity of heredity, aberrance and so on. But the life of the enterprise living beings can accomplish the permanence through management, which is impossible for the nature living beings. So the assignment of the manager is to utilize the heredity genes of the enterprise evolution to prolong the life of the enterprise and obtain the permanent competitive advantage. The enterprise culture and the core competitiveness are two important factors of the heredity genes that affect the enterprise vitality.Because the theoretical analysis cannot settle the problems in practice and we should make the theory contact the practice. This thesis establishes the evaluationindex system of the enterprise vitality according to the previous theories. It utilizes the multi-hierarchy fuzzy evaluation process to evaluate the index system, finally it analyzes the current situation of the enterprise and makes objective diagnosis vitality, besides it has made practice operation in experiment enterprise. At length, the strategic management, the enterprise culture and the core competitiveness are the necessary genes in the life activity of enterprise, and they have much complex relation each other. The three genes must harmonize to realize the enterprise hearty vitality.
Keywords/Search Tags:enterprise strategy, corporate culture, the core competitiveness, enterprise living beings, evolution, evaluation
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