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Research On Price Of Electricity In The Chinese Electricity Power Market

Posted on:2005-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125456726Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the growth of national economy, the electric power industry is rapidly developing. The price of electricity is one of the key factors of reform of power industry and development, is the lever in the electricity power market and key content, which reflect the spirit of the reform . The electricity power system of our country is facing the great reform , electric pricing ways and electric power mechanism should be adjusted. Based on the spirit of the reform, the thesis uses the economics principle and combines the characteristic of the electricity power, analyzes the system of price of electricity and running mode of the electricity power market which accord with the national conditions of our country, putting forward the relevant countermeasure.In the research of the paper, the author firstly summarizes the essential feature of electricity, analyses the factors of the changing price of electricity, sums up general principle x methods and basic model of pricing electricity. And then, the author divides the system of price of electricity into sales price to network, transmission charges and sales price to consumers which according the forming process. The paper especially provides a pricing way, which is based on the long-run marginal cost of power generation. Afterwards, the author connects the price of electricity and electric power market, analyzes the composition of the electric power market and the bidding principle. On one hand, this paper introduces price bidding theory in the spot electric market, sets a Game Theory models to give rational description of those strategies, and then gives the proper bidding strategies of generation companies. On the other hand, it explains the function and principle of the electric power forward market, and designs the standardized electric power futures contract of our country. At last, combining the reality of our country, the article analyzes the impact on electric power demand of price of electricity, expresses how to use price lever to adjust and improve the structure of electricity market, finds the current problems and gives the solutions.The research of the paper offers some new thoughts for the further reform of power industry, and will be significant in the theory and practice for setting up the proper system of price of electricity and running mode of the electricity power market in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:price of electricity, pricing system, running mode of the electricity power market
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