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The Research On China's Development Of Educational Service Trade Within WTO Context

Posted on:2005-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W S TaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125459374Subject:International Trade
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Entering WTO.China must fulfilI the commitment to service trade in education service trade of our country.The educating industry of our country faces double predicament of low quality and insufficiency in the scale,the western educational developed country is robbing the educational market of our country constantly.In the face of the constant loss in the source of students,how does the Chinese education industry go to reply?This text treats severe reality with a new visual angle-Educational service trade. Educational service trade is a comprehensive proposition and involved the multi—subject of trade,education and economy.In order to promoting educational competitiveness of our country,this text describe the development of educational service trade of our country in WTO context.using the theory of educating-contrast and economics of education.adopting comparative analysis and the game analytical method. The article analyzed on the basic side of educational service trade at first.introducing the educational service trade rules and china'S opening commitment to WTO .analyzing the educational service trade current situation of our country and comparative advantage of our country.Then discuss the development of the concrete classification of service trade deeply. Four kinds of service trade are offered in service trade,only two modes directly influence on the educatirg industry of our country:The foreign cooperation with china'S educational institution and foreign students studying at china.So this text probes into these two kinds of education development and policy recommendations in our country of service trade especially. In the study on commercial presence This text analyses the development that the Chinese—foreign cooperation running school emphatically,ahead of the interests and obstacle with opening commercial presence of qualitative analysis,using foreign capitals opening game model and then,predict the appropriate scale opening to foreign capitals of educating industryin our country,combining the current situation that the Chinese-foreign cooperation sch001.put forward the policy recommendations of the following:1.Reform educate system to the market-based;2.Strengthen government'S macrOscOpically coordination to education. Another focal point that the article analyzes is:In the opening of border consumption。our country a~racts the income that foreign students studied in China and restriction factor, propose policy recommendations that our country develops the teaching service exports in transit:1.Industrialize the cross—border teaching service for export;2.The government perfects the public service of studying in China....
Keywords/Search Tags:Educational service trade, development, commercial presence, cross-border consumption
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