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The Impact Of The Reliability Of Power Plant Facilities On Competitive Bidding

Posted on:2005-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125464744Subject:Thermal Engineering
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The five power generation corporations have come into existence, which is thought to be the symbol representing the commencement of the internal electric power supplies market and the termination of conventional monopoly. According to the "the plants and the power grids operate independently" policy, those power generation plants will face furious competition in the bidding market. Therefore, the organization of electric power generation based on the market economical law, the accurately analysis of plant's costs, and the offering of rational bidding prices in time are all urgently needed to have a thorough investigation.Focusing on the power generation side, this dissertation has studied the management of plant's output level that is based on the reliability assurance of the power generation facilities, while offering an optimal bidding price that aim to acquire an optimum benefit. After deeply analyzed the relationships between the facilities reliability and the bidding prices, the paper has initiated a series formulae that can calculate the bidding price and the generation cost by the factors dynamically reflecting the current reliability status, thus the plant will stand in a favorable position among its competitors when the risk of the plant operation can be controlled.By utilizing the concept of the reliability cost depreciation, this dissertation has chosen three online 660MW power generation units in Shajiao C plant as the prototypes to work up the reliability management and assessment model, and to calculate the reliability cost depreciation parameter with reliability assessment method. This model has been tested by the source data collected in the plant. We could see its results are rational. Furthermore, this paper has developed facilities reliability management software corresponding to the established model by the help of Delphi 6.0 as the development tools. This software has integrated a database, which was developed in the SQL 2000 environment. The interface between the application software and the reliability database was created by the ADO (ActiveX Data Object) data access norm. The information of the plant system will appear on the screen in a form of structure trees. The calculation of reliability data can be displayed as curves in charts representing each components reliability status. Thus, it can be harnessed by the bidding price system.This dissertation has also presented an optimized model for the power generation plant, which can be used in the optimization task required by the operation managementstrategy. Therefore, it can give a rundamental support for operation management and the offering of an optimal bidding price.
Keywords/Search Tags:reliability, generation cost, electricity power market, competitive bidding, optimum calculation of power generation side
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