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Research Of The Cluster Phenomenon Of Information Industry In The Detla Of Yangtze River

Posted on:2004-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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By reviewing the small and medium-sized enterprises clusters theory including the theory of the growth pole, new industrial districts and industries cluster' s declining, this paper analyzes the cluster phenomenon of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Delta of Yangtze River. At first, this paper expounds the current situation of information industry' s development and analyzes the reasons of agglomeration of IT enterprises. It tries to find the real account: all kinds of favored polices given by the local governments, preferential geographical position and traffic, interregional multi-citied, a galaxy of talent, culture origin, a large-scale of the foreign capital and national capital' s pouring in and better industry and market basis. All these reasons cause the information industry cluster in the delta of Yangtze River.Second, this paper points out the role of small and medium-sized enterprises clusters to development the Yangtze River delta by discussing the role of enterprises clusters to development of information industry and the role the information industry cluster to others. Though, the information enterprises clusters is thriving, there are still many problems that effect on development in Yangtze River delta. For example, in some technologies, the basis economics principles if clusters don' t run well, there are still in short of top talent and perfect specialized division.Finally, this paper gives some advices. 1. We must construct interdependent industry relationship based on enterprises clusters; 2.We must perfect cooperation' s principles and improve the clusters' capability of technological innovation; 3.The local government must perfect servicesystem in cluster region by propelling forward and guiding others in; 4. We must construct the network of humanities relationship between the information enterprises and cultivate innovative atmosphere in industry region; 5. We must perfect and standardize the contract principles.
Keywords/Search Tags:Information Technology Industry, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Clusters, The Delta of Yangtze River
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