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The Study About The Orientation Of Administrative Pattern In Contemporary China

Posted on:2004-09-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125958431Subject:Administrative Management
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Administration is an action that the government administer social. Administrative pattern is the interaction system between government and social. According to the different style of resource's mobilization, administrative pattern may be classified by three categories: limitless, limited partnership, limit. Contemporary China has experienced two categories of limitless and limited partnership, which emerged and developed in the different environments. The study about their history will offer the experience for administrative pattern's development in contemporary China. It is affirmation to meet difficulty in the course of going forward limited administrative pattern. It will help to the development of administrative system reform, stating its facing chances and difficulties and its orientation. Administrative pattern is the end condition of administrative system reform. It will help to orientate some questions through analyzing the administrative pattern from the whole. However, the study about the administrative system reform is more than the one about the administrative pattern. The paper wants to have contribution to it. For the purpose of above, the paper chooses the below key scopes: administrative organ, personnel system, administrative law and administrative levels .The paper has been divided into four parts.The first part is the history of administrative pattern in contemporary China. In order to adapt the different environment, the two administrative pattern of limitless and limited partnership have been experienced.The second part is the comparison between the two administrative patterns. The paper states the generality from the three respects of administrative power expansion, aim and administrative levels, the difference from below respect of theoretical foundation, relations between government and party, executive foundation and outcome of social development. At end, the paper reaches a conclusion that the limitedpartnership is transitional.The third part is the chances and difficulties that the administrative pattern's development is facing with. The chances include the breakthrough of administrative theory in the west and the change of social in contemporary China. The difficulties are the corrupt and the less executive efficiency. It is the certain conclusion of our government that restrain corrupt and increase executive efficiency.The fourth part is the orientation of administrative pattern's development in contemporary China. Being faced with the varying social, our country has the active and efficient response. The paper also states this question from the four scopes.
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