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Competitive Strategies Of Chinese Advertising Companies Under The Opening Condition

Posted on:2005-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Z HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125959375Subject:International trade
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Not until China's reform and opening to the outside world did its advertising company began to grow, experiencing a hard process of restoration, macroeconomic regulation and standardization. During this short period of about 20 years, it made surprisingly great achievements (The volume of the business rose from 671,900,000 RMB in 1990 to 44,483,780,000 RMB in 2003), but the weakness revealed during the process of reform should not be ignored, too. Especially after the entry into WTO, as an inevitable result of world-wide economic integration, China's advertising company will be put into the legal system of WTO and the trends of global economic development, which poses a severe test for China's advertising company, and thus will have a far-reaching effect on its development.Looking back at the research results of advertising researcher during the past two decades, we may find out that the inadequacies mainly lie in the following three aspects: first of all, most of the researches were confined to the actual manipulation of advertising, namely, they told people how to make advertisements instead of making a theoretical study of advertising; secondly, advertising was regarded as an enterprise activity under the market economy circumstances and the advertising company an appendage to the market economy; thirdly, more often than not they studied it from an artistic and aesthetic point of view instead of taking it as a comprehensive subject. With the help of analysis method of economics, this paper makes a thorough exploration into Chinese advertising companies, illustrates their strategic options, and seeks for reasonable countermoves China's advertising company should make after China's entry into WTO.
Keywords/Search Tags:Advertising industry, Advertising company, Competitive advantage, Game theory
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