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Talking About The Overall Risk Management Of State-owned Commercial Bank Of Our Country

Posted on:2005-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P Y PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125969338Subject:Regional Economics
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The banking is a special industry, and its peculiarity lies in that commercial banks are financial enterprises who manage the currency and whose working capital consist highly of social savings and some other kinds of loans while low of the capital from itself. Therefore, the banking is a high risk industry. Commercial banks and risks always go hand in hand since the commercial bank came into being. With the development and the intensive competition of the international financial market, the risks of the commercial banks became more complicated and more changeable, which result in a larger damage than ever before and the commercial banks themselves as well as the whole society, is affected deeply because of it.Our country is a developing country in economic transition, and the state-owned commercial banks have not integrated with the international market completely. So several big international financial disturbance haven't got great influence on our economy. But the long-term extensive management combined with ignoring the risk management, together with the complicated external economic environment. The risk of the state-owned commercial banks in our country behaves more easily seen and more exceptional, which has seriously restricted the development of the state-owed commercial banks and brought a hidden danger to our national economy. Only do the state-owned commercial banks take advanced risk management theory and methods, and heighten the overall risk management level could it realize integrating with the international market after entering the WTO.The first part of the thesis discusses about the general overall risk management theory of the commercial bank. By analyzing the implementing "The New Capital Agreement of Basel" and the bank overall risk management theory, the thesis advances an opinion that the implementing new agreement actually is requiring that the commercial banks implement the overall risk management, which provides theoretical foundation for the state-owed commercial banks in our country implementing overall risk management.Through analyzing the risk management of western commercial banks and the cases accordingly, the second part elaborates the principle, institution framework, control system and technological method of western commercial banks, which offers comparison and reference for the state-owned commercial banks in our country implementing overall risk management.The third part of the thesis analyses the main risks that the state-owed commercial bank encounters at present and the main problem that exist in the risk management of the sate-owned commercial banks. Meanwhile, by analyzing the risk of the state-owned commercial banks and the reason why it emerges, the thesis points out the necessity and emergency for the state-owned commercial banks implementing overall risk management. In the fourth part, the thesis firstly analyses the principle and developing direction that the state-owned commercial bank should take to implement overall risk management. Then it expounds the countermeasures and measures for the state-owned commercial banks to carry out overall risk management in all dimensions, namely the reforming of the property right institution, bettering the risk management idea, structuring the framework of the risk management, building interne grade system and improving external economical environment.In a word, the thesis thinks that the state-owned commercial banks in our country should draw lessons from foreign advanced risk management theory and methods in a few years after entering the WTO, define the direction and principle of risk management, and take effective countermeasures and measure to implement overall risk management, in order to improve the ability that the state-owned commercial banks function and control the risks, and to keep the continual and steady development of state-owned commercial banks of our country.
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