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Reflection On Current Situation Of National Administrative Supervision And Countermeasures

Posted on:2002-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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as a specialized legal system of supervising government administration, it is no doubt that the status and role of administrative supervision will become more and more prominent and important. Yet up till now in our country's administrative supervision system there does exist many aspects which can not meet the requirement of building a socialist legal country, such as lower status of administrative supervision organization and being not free from the interference from other organs. Through reviewing the history of administrative supervision work in our country from the establishment of the People's Republic of China, especially from the time that we carried out the reform and open-door policy, this article is devoted to summarize the effect and experience which we have got from it, to explain its role in the process of ruling the country by law, to analyze problems that exist, then to put forward further methods and countermeasures to perfect our administrative supervision system. It is divided into three parts as following: First part is to briefly review the history of administrative supervision and summarize its role in legislation, administrative law enforcement and in strengthening the legal consciousness of public functionary as well as in administrative legal supervision system. It highly affirms the effect and experience that we have attained from the legal system of administrative supervision, the work of supervision of law enforcement, construction of an honest and clean government as well as anti-corruption struggle. The second part is to analyze the main problems existing in the work of administrative supervision. These problems include that the supervising function of administrative supervision is not completely exerted; the defects in our current system of administrative supervision are not favorable to the realization of the function of administrative supervision; the administrative supervision organizations have difficulties in performing their duties required by law due to influence of local interest under the power division system of central and local government; a trend of confusing and merging responsibility exists in practice between administrative supervision and other organizations of supervision and inspection; the talent in administrative supervision organizations is insufficient with the structure being not optimized and managerial mechanism being not flexible. The third part is to put forward methods and countermeasures to perfecting our administrative supervision system, which are, in the spirit of reform, national legislation on supervision; transition from the soft supervision to the rigid supervision in order to change effectively the situation that supervision is difficult to take effect in the current work of administrative supervision; improvement of status of administrative supervision organization and more authorization; and appropriate solutions to those problems in the inner structure of administrative supervision organization, operating mechanism and the quality of talent .
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