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Research On The Countermeasures Of The Villages In The Rural And Pastoral Areas Under The Background Of New Urbanization

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As the Nobel Prize winner in economics Joseph Stieglitz said:"the 21st century the world has two historic events, one is the development of.urbanization in China, and the second is the economic development in the Asia Pacific region." village renovation is the basic requirement of new urbanization, the core content, basic work and an important starting point, which means to farmers and herdsmen living and production inhabited the rectification and Governance (the People’s Republic of China housing and urban rural development,2005). The background can understand from two aspects:good political environment and villages own development realistic needs.The structure of the thesis are as follows:firstly in the introduction part briefly introduces the basic situation of the village renovation significance, research results, the definition and the theory and model of. Followed by showing is Wulateqianqi agricultural and pastoral areas of village renovation status, including the planning results of scientific rationality and feasibility can be improved; agriculture and animal husbandry development unsatisfactory lead poor peasants and herdsmen rhythm slow; green ecological substrate is not perfect to create a comfortable and livable reduction; public financial investment limited and follow-up services have become increasingly prominent, the induction. In view of the problems existing in the analysis of the reasons is the main content of the third part, namely innate advantages open Inadequacy and low level of urbanization, agricultural and pastoral areas of economic foundation is weak and limited a lot of factors, the environment to make chips for performance and efficiency of the service and the social capital attraction and implement supervision lack. On the basis of, four specific measures are given in this paper is comply with the planning principle, accelerate the pace of agricultural and pastoral areas; to promote the modernization of agriculture and animal husbandry industry and identify the wealthy and Strong’s path; build a harmonious ecological homes, conform to the law of development of nature; specification the sources of funds, and create a clean services deal.The data and graph data sources are mainly Wulateqianqi Planning Bureau to carry out the research work and Inner Mongolia statistical yearbook. In a careful analysis, based on inductive system, through the analysis of academic journals, dissertations, government reports and other documents, and combined with the cross research, macro and micro combined method, compiling completed in this paper.
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