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On The Current Situation And Countermeasures Of Ideological And Political Work In Rural Areas

Posted on:2003-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360065455766Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Ideology and politics work is the political advantages and good tradition of our Party, the significant pledge to realize the Party's leadership and achieve the various work, and the lifeblood of the economic and other work. Party's ideology and politics work in the rural area, which is also the lifeline to implement Party's various guiding principals and policies, complete various work and ensure the developmental direction of rural economy, is the major composition of ideology and politics work. Reviewing the past over eighty years' experiences of our Party, Chinese revolutionary history is a history that Communists educate and arm farmers' mind with advanced theories to make them have a revolution voluntarily. Chinese construction history is also a history which Communists teach farmers and mobilize the farmers' initiative to take part in the communist construction. The unique function and political advantage of ideology and politics work in rural area can't be ignored and replaced in any time in the past, the parent and even the future. China has a population of 1.3 billion including 0.8 billion in the rural area. How to make 0.8 billon farmers get the consensus of opinion by following Party's general and specific policies and how to mobilize farmers' enthusiasm and creativity to throw themselves into the Communist cause with Chinese characteristics are the glorious and arduous tasks which are bestowed on the ideology and politics work by the era.In this article, the focal points of the study are: Nowadays, what conditions the ideology and politics work in the rural area exist; what kind of questions it has and the reasons that cause the existence of theseproblems; what we can do to make the ideology and politics work in the rural area well. There are three parts and approximate 25 thousand words in this article.In the first part, the author emphasizes the major position of ideology and politics work and its function, significance, brings up that to strengthen and improve it is the basic demand of Marxism materialist view on history, concluding the basic experience on our Party attaching importance to it and making Chinese revolution and construction march to victory step by step in practical respect, realizing and grasping its function and significance in six respects including strengthening Party's basis and status of being in power, being against peaceful evolution, etc.In the second part, the author analyzes the present situation of ideology and politics work in the rural area. First of all, he analyzes its basic feature: people who are engaged in the ideology and politics work in the rural area are uneven in quality; the working objects have large population with complicated constitution; the working tasks are various; it is difficult to have the routine work. Secondly, he enumerates the existing problem of the ideology and politics work and its expression, and sums it up from workable measures to the working mechanism, from the construction the primary organization to the working means and methods, from the basic investment to the situation of farmers' thoughts. Especially pointing out, nowadays the existing problems and situation of the ideology and politics work is so serious that we have to solve it without delay. Thirdly, he analyzes how the existing problems of the ideology and politics work come into being historically and dialectically by putting them into Party's general situation. He thinks that wrong views of cadres at the basic level is the subjective cause, severestagnancy of ideology and politics education is the direct cause, lack of reform and innovation is the internal cause, influence of traditional historical culture is the historical cause, weakness and laxness of organizations of political power at the grass-roots level is realistic cause, and the western peaceful evolution is the external cause.In the third part, the author puts forward concrete the suggestions and countermeasures on how to strengthen and improve the present ideology and politics work in the ru...
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