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The Roles And Certain Case Studies Of Transaction Service Providers In China's Non-performing Loan Market

Posted on:2006-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This research discusses the important roles played by the Transaction Service Providers and their relevant experiences accumulated in the newly emerged China's Non-performing Loan (NPL) and Distressed Asset Market. China possesses a very high volume of non-performing loans (NPL) in its banking sector. The NPL market contains substantial exciting investment opportunities and attracts more and more local and international investors to enter into this market. A literature review was conducted to find out about the major causes of current high NPL volume held by the Chinese financial institutions, development of NPL resolution, and status quo and debates in the development of Transaction Service Providers serving in NPL market. Relevant case study with analytical frameworks and models identified. The cases aim to reveal the importance of a Transaction Service Provider's roles to facilitate a successful deal. Primary data constructs the foundation of the research. Data includes interviews with officials in the Chinese banking sectors, and most important source: questionnaires and analysis from certain international investment banks, local investors, brokerage agencies and Transaction Service providers in the market. Secondary data mainly contains the Author's internal documents and experiences learned from this sector. Based on the research findings, the alternative future development strategies for Transaction Service Providers are presented for relevant management's evaluation. At the end of this dissertation the researcher proposed an action plan as the recommendation for Transaction Service Providers' consideration.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-performing Loan (NPL), Transaction Service, Due diligence
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