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Research On The Strategies Of Enterprise Clusters Development

Posted on:2006-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152481166Subject:Business management
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Enterprise clusters play a key role in economic development. They are of vital importance to enterprises, industries, regions and nations. But, while flourishing and boosting economic development, clusters themselves face many troubles and many of them in a gathering but unco-operating state and lack synergic strategy to develop. Presently studies on strategies of cluster development are focusing on advising governments what to do but not from the aspect of clusters themselves and lag far behind the need of practice in China. Clusters in China are struggling for development under no theory, or to say, malformed theory's guide. In this essay, the author studies the strategies of clusters development aiming at promoting clusters' sustainable development and enterprises' competence in clusters on the basis of Porter's Diamond Theory from the aspect of management and proposes four strategies and structured the supportive systems. The essay goes as follows: In the first chapter, the basic theories relating to clusters and cluster development are discussed. On rationally defining the concepts and traits of clusters and developmental strategies of clusters, the theory base of this essay, Diamond Theory, is brought forward. Then, in the second chapter, according to the Diamond Theory, on analyzing the factor conditions, demand conditions, relative and supportive industries and enterprises' strategy, structure and competing acts, the strategies are constructed, that is, strategies on integrating resources, on cluster marketing, on integrating innovation and, on industry integration. In chapter three, the supportive systems of strategies on cluster development is founded from three divisions as clusters' organization, credit and the facilitating and controlling systems of strategies. Then, finally, it is summed up by analyzing strategies on Xiangtan betel cluster development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise Cluster, Developmental Strategy, Supportive Systems, Diamond Model
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