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The Developmental Trend Analysis And Cluster Model Study Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises

Posted on:2005-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125454498Subject:Business management
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With the development of economic globalization, the form of the enterprise is also having a change towards two kinds of tendencies, unceasingly appearing of the large-scale conglomerates and soaring quantity of the small-sized companies. Small and medium-sized enterprise is an important constituent of the national economy and they are playing the indispensable role in the national economy. With extremely broad prospects, small and medium-sized enterprise has its independent function in the economic field, which can't be substituted by the big enterprise in the rational economy. Through comparison among various countries' definitions of the small and medium-sized enterprise, this paper tries to make the concept clear. Also it pointed out the common environment that small and medium-sized enterprises need, after environmental contrasts between US and Japan. The comparisons also make us understand the nation's current situation: the infrastructure remaining to improve, undertaking ability not so strong, but active undertaking activity, very big potential waiting to be developed.The living environment of small and medium-sized enterprise is waiting for improvement, and the undertaking ability needs to be enhanced. In order to adapt to the modern competitive environment, the cluster model is becoming the main melody the enterprises utilize. Its foundation - the value chain ,not only affects individual strategy but also influences the health of the whole local enterprises group. Our country, in the process of jumping development model, is proposed to take the value chain as a foundation and establish local industrial policies to bring about an advance in small and medium-sized enterprise growth, reducing the closing rate. This thesis also provides viable patterns we could choose.
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