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Growing Enterprise Clusters Based On The Theory Of Complex Systems Evolutionary Force

Posted on:2004-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K J MaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122970736Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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It is an interesting feature that the cluster economy flourished in the globalized economy. In China, more and more local governments have paid attention to the development of corporate clusters and they regard it as an important way to boost up regional economies. To develop a cluster, first of all, we need know the factors that affect the evolution of clusters, but the study of evolution drivers in clusters development was lagged by the diversity of the cluster development and the limitation of traditional case study. In fact we seem to feel that every cluster has its peculiar "fairy tale" and it badly impacted the application of cluster policies. By using new research method and new theory, this paper tends to explore the basic drivers that affected the evolution of cluster from miscellaneous "fairy tales".We first discussed the definition of corporate cluster. By summarizing research literatures and innovating, a definition that reflected the essence of cluster was made and the research objects were unified. Then we summarized 12 factors which were likely to be important drivers of the cluster's evolution form the spacial aspects, i.e. social level, inter-companies and inner-company. These factors covered a large scope and there were a lot of dispute about them. So we advanced 6 supposes which argued that competition, cooperation (specialization, information communication and collective action), agent with limited varied schema, entrepreneurship, innovation and accident were important drivers of the cluster's evolution, by the study of biology genetics which was the core of modern evolutional biology and belonged to complexity system theory. In order to prove these suppose, this paper first analyzed the case of LiuShi low voltage electric cluster and made a preparatory conclusion. Then we used the Delphi method and investigated 21 clusters (at last 18 cluster date were valid) and 43 experts. From this investigation we proved that competition, entrepreneurship, information communication, specialization and innovation were important drivers of the cluster's evolution, agent with limited varied schema was a postulate and accident and government policy were necessary at some extent. As afurther study, this paper also discussed how can we use this universal conclusion to explain a special cluster's evolution by the analysis of Hangzhou software industry cluster. From the case study, we argued that the five important drivers were necessary to the evolution of clusters, but other factor also could become an important driver in a special cluster. At last this paper also discussed the cluster policy form corporate, institution and government aspects based on the five important drivers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corporate Cluster, Evolution, Complexity System, Driver, Cluster Policy
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