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A Study On Chinese Bank Marketing Environment And Strategies

Posted on:2006-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152487410Subject:Business management
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Bank marketing theory is the combination of theory of bank management and marketing, a science of theory and practice. It is advanced by the practice requisite and problem. The finance always pay attention to bank marketing , because it is a maneuverable , practicable and applicable science, and its study works were applied soon. Recently years, international commercial bank marketing concepts and practice innovate quickly, but in China, the concepts and practice is comparatively lagged, because Chinese bank marketing began later, and, there are many juvenility and faultiness. Chinese bank marketing is still in the process of applying Western traditional marketing ways, still in the process of imitating. In year of 2006, Chinese financial will open wholly, and our bank will face more challenging and more drastic competition, at the time, the paper studying on how to enhance our bank strength is of great important practical meaning, and also, the paper will expand the study on our bank marketing theory.The environment is a great factor, a precondition for marketing strategy. The paper tries to use the SWOT model to analyze our bank marketing environment. And also use the western bank successful cases for reference, mainly from the four parts: product , price, place, promotion to study our bank marketing strategies.The paper can be divided into five parts:The first part expatiates commercial bank marketing evolvement from practice and theory. At first, it gives the definition, characteristic factors and concepts evolvement process from germination development to mature. Then analyze the practice process of China and West countries. Our bank marketing is still in the initial process .In the end, the paper expound the relationship of commercial bank marketing strategies and environment , the bank should take up different strategies in different situations.The second part uses the SWOT model to analyze our commercial bank marketing environment, mainly from opportunity threat strength weak, it is also the practice basis. It point out that, our commercial bank is not only facing great competitor, but also, it is a great opportunity for our commercial bank development. So we should make sound marketing strategies according to our commercial banks' strength and weak.The third part firstly analyzes western countries successful marketing strategies: product strategies scientific price electronic distribution and brand promotion strategies. Then analyze our commercial bank strategies from marketing strategies.The forth part is focus on the conformation of our commercial bank marketing strategies. According to the classical marketing theory "4P", the paper is from the conformity of product strategies, multi distribution and optimizing the promotion strategies to choose our commercial bank marketing strategies. The paper tries to use the conformity marketing theory and quantitative analysis, which will be useful to advance the study of Chinese bank marketing. The paper analyzes the mode of bank product conformity, establishes a mode of commercial banking product pricing, these methods are innovative scientific and practicability, are a new try to our bank marketing strategies' study.The fifth part is the conclusion of the paper, which concludes the shortage and the prospect of the paper.
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