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Market Position Of The Chinese Commercial Bank And China's Commercial Banks Market Positioning And Marketing Strategy Mode Choice

Posted on:2004-10-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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AS finance becomes the real core of modern economy, global economic integration and financial globalization become more and more dramatic, Chinese commercial banks integrate with international institution and compete with foreign banks under the same Word Trade Organization rules. At the same time, network technology and electronic revolution are closely cooperative with finance, Chinese commercial banks with low-degree commercialization, which are used to indifferent to marketing, are now have to face unprecedented great opportunity as well as challenge.Since China enters into WTO, the commercial banks are paid close attention to access WTO in order to participate in the global financial integrative operation. After accession to the WTO, foreign banks will bring challenge in the aspect of foreign exchange loan and deposits business, RMB business, international settlement and finance security, which however at the same time urge us to improve financial development, to reconstruct China's financial system according to the market principle, ultimately promote the development of our banking in a healthy way. Foreign capital banks can not only merely bring the advanced form of operation and administration for the Chinese commercial bank, but also bring the latest marketing theory, and play a demonstrative role in helping our commercial bank to carry out market orientation and select marketing strategy mode. Under this background, the policymaker in Chinese commercial bank must abandon all kinds the of traditional theory and working way which can only exist in the monopolized operation conditions, study and use the marketing theory, know disparity, confirm the goal, finally accelerate development.Besides, that the development of network technology combineclosely with banking not only change the contact way between the bank and customer, but will also produce deep influence on the respect of service method, marketing way and treatment way. The appearance and fast development of Network bank change the competitive environment and competitive strategy of commercial bank to a great extent, ultimately influence localization and choice of marketing strategy mode of commercial bank. When discuss the market orientation and marketing strategy mode in the new period, this thesis choose market orientation and marketing strategy mode as the research object, use market orientation theory and strategic theory as tool, attempt to analyze and make a reservation to Chinese commercial bank.The Chinese commercial bank system is composed of state-owned commercial banks, medium-sized shareholding commercial banks and the regional commercial banks, and they are respectively in the state of market leader, market challenger and market follower and market status of filling a vacancy etc., which are determined by the developing history and many reasons. The Chinese commercial bank is in the development courses of more than 20 years, and its marketing production and develops, market development of theory are closely linked with constant promotion of the reform in banking system of our country. Before 1978, because adopted the single bank system and mixing type system of Central Bank, there is no marketing idea. From 1979 to 1984, four major specialized banks established in succession, and begun enter into market segmentation stage through government behavior. From 1984 to 1992, the representative establishments of shareholding system commercial bank such as CITIC, China Merchants Bank increase competition pressure of state-run commercial bank, which make whole bank entering the stage of promoting competition and improving service. From 1992 to before joining WTO, with the network technology and the development of financial services computerizing, the commercial bank enters anunprecedented innovative stage, and the competition is aggravated further. After joining WTO, Chinese commercial banks begin and stride forward to marketing era, which is a good beginning and turn of history. In the past two years, we have seen j...
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