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Citic Industrial Bank Marketing Research

Posted on:2001-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From 1980', a series of innovation were executed in China's financial management system, CITICIB is the result of this financial innovation and one of the streamlined commercial banks. From its establishment in 1987, CITICIB has insisted on the guideline of "Developing with steady steps and trying to be the top-rank" and has acquired outstanding achievement. After more than ten years development, CITICIB has become a nationwide commercial bank.Along with the deepening of reformation in China's economic and financial systems, the management environments of commercial banks are changing dramatically and the competition between banks is becoming increasingly fierce. A part of the market for banking services is changing from being a seller's market to a buyer's market. Because of this, in order for CITICIB to exist and make progress, it urgently needs to strengthen its marketing management.On account of CITICIB's concrete characteristics, this thesis discussed CITICIB's marketing strategies and programs on essential principles of modern commercial banks' marketing management. The logical order of this thesis is as follows: Firstly, analyzing CITICIB's opportunities and threats together with its strengths and weaknesses, by scanning the internal and external environments, making clear CITICIB's position in the market and grasping the trend of customers' requirements. Secondly, segmenting the financial market and selecting CITICIB's market targets, considering CITICIB's strengths and its position in the market. In the end, planning a combination of marketing programs corresponding to CITICIB.The whole thesis is divided into five chapters. The primary contents of the thesis are briefly clarified as follows:Chapter one is the summary of commercial bank marketing. Bank marketing derived from the extension and development of enterprise marketing. Fierce competition greatly changes bank management concepts. Learning of bank marketing goes through seven stages. They think bank marketing is: nothing; advertising; smiling and a friendly atmosphere; segmentation and innovation; positioning, marketing analysis, planning, implementation and control; relationship marketing.Bank products and marketing have particular characteristics remarkably different from enterprises'. For example, financial products are invisible, inseparable and indistinctive. As for bank marketing, it is enslaved to external environments rather than enterprises in the first place. Secondly, commercial banks have to keep a balance between profits and risks. Thirdly, commercial bank customers may both sellers and buyers. Finally, commercial banks' distribution channels are short and direct. Only when these characteristics are mastered can bank marketing be better analyzed.The main contents of bank marketing include 8Ps. The first 4Ps belong to marketing strategies and the second to marketing programs. Marketing strategies are composed of probing, partitioning, prioritizing and positioning. Marketing programs include product, pricing, place and promotion. The primary analysis frame of this thesis is based on these 8Ps.In chapter two, the general situation of CITICIB is briefly introduced in the first part. After this, marketing actuality of CITICIB is analyzed. The achievements in marketing management of CITICIB can be summarized in 4 aspects. The first aspect is that it thinks highly of product innovation. The second one is that it ameliorates service manner and improved service quality. Moreover, its distribution channels were established with relatively rapid speed. Finally, it established its own net station to introduce its operations and laid stress on Corporate Identity System design. Although CITICIB has obtained some achievements, there are still some deficiencies in its marketing management. For example, first of all, it is indifferent to bank marketing. Secondly, its marketing activity efficiency is relatively poor. Third, it lacks clear marketing strategies and targets. Fourth, some subsidiary banks' marketing activities l...
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