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The Important Approach Of Structuring Responsible Government

Posted on:2006-09-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152491292Subject:Political Theory
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Our times is constantly changing.Each country government is going through the unprecedented new challenge.Citizen's trust crisis to the government is aggravated day by day,which has become the focus that the governments of various countries pay close attention to. So the responsibility administration has become the important idea of modern democratic politics and public administrative' development undoubtly.In order to comply with the tendency of the day , our government is Changing from all-round government to the responsible government and making it the direction of both our central and local government. However is just an important way to structure the responsibility government to put forth effort to strengthen the government performance auditing.The thesis tries starting with structuring the responsible government, making some exhaustive introductions on the concept of the government performance auditing and the history and current situation of the government performance auditing in our country. Contraposing the puzzlement in the course of government performance auditing in our country at present,it carries on analysis and comparison combining the foreign governments' experience and lessons in the same fields.Finally it put forward a series of countermeasures and suggestions on above basis.It expects to offer some effective reference to the government performance auditing in our country. The thesis is divided into five chapters as following:The first chapter launches around the responsible government .introducing relevant concept and theory.Firstly, it explains the responsible government's meaning.Then it makes the detailed analysis and explained on three logic prerequisites existing to the public administrative responsibility and three major motive force mechanism to structure the responsible government from two angles of theory and practice respectively.Thus draw the final purpose of responsible administration.The second chapter explains three key indexes of the performance auditing, which including enconomy,efficiency and effectiveness.Afterwards it reviews the history of the government performance auditing in our country from three lays of lagislation,practice and research.Then it puts forward that the publical commission responsibility is the foundation of the government performance auditing from angle of the theory, thus demonstrating that the goal of the government performance auditing is same to the goal of responsible government. Finally, it analyses the necessity and feasibility on the government performance auditing.The third chapter reviews the germination and development of government performance auditing abroad and concludes three characters on government performance auditing of foreign countries.It also points out the goal and the development trend.The fourth chapter firstly introduces the state of our government performance auditing.Then it points out four problems during the course which is about system,index,course , law and etc. The last chapter put forward a serious of suggestions directly against above-mentioned problems and obstacles. It asserts that government performance auditing is just an important way to structure the responsible government again.
Keywords/Search Tags:responsible government, governmental performance auditing, economy, efficiency, effectiveness
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