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Commodity Housing Price Study On The Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Theory

Posted on:2006-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z D ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152493677Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Residence is a basic means of livelihood which mankind lay in living and developing, also it is a important mark weighing the economic and living standard in one country. The residential industry promote positively economic growing quickly in many countries and areas, for our country, it is of special and important significance for our economic development .In our country, economic is staying one important turning period: market is no longer shortage and finishing the turning from seller's market to buyer's market gradually, it has important function that people's consume and demand lead production and push national economic forward. Under the new market surroundings, researching the present situation of residential industry in our country, analyzing the question of insufficiency effective demand in present residential industry, and making out effective and practicable plans to enlarge the effective demand in residential industry, it is the key to promote the residential industry develop healthily and make the residential industry become the new growth point in national economic.Beginning from the actuality of the residential industry in our country, this article point out all kinds of facts that affect the residential demand by analyzing the concept of demand, analyze the gap between the effective demand and the Potential demand of residential market at present by using the method of positivism, and find out the factors that make the demand insufficiency . Finally, the paper uses the artificial neural network (ANN) theory to establish the forecast model of commodity housing. The forecast models tests in this paper both have a first accuracy grade and abetter-forecast precision. Through the research of this paper it shows that artificial neural network (ANN) theory application in commodity housing price is not only feasible but also reliable and practical.
Keywords/Search Tags:Artificial neural network (ANN), Housing price, Forecast
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